Saturday Training May 2, 2009 "Peacock Flats"
HURT Runners in NYC

almost new pair of size 9 Vasque shoes if anybody wants them

aloha HURT ohana,

I'm looking to unload these shoes on somebody for $ FREE.99.  I got them in December at a Portland REI garage sale for cheap.  (they were worn once)  I've worn them about 4 times, and everytime the right shoe gives my heel a blister and I can't seem to toughen up my feet to handle them. 

Other than that; I love this shoe.  Thick rubber toe box in the front is great for kicking roots and rocks when you are either pissed off or just having an off day on the trails (: 

If anybody wants them, just give me a call.  398-2830 cell.  I'm home all week on paternity leave (read: catching glassy surf at Point Panic while all you other schmucks have to work!)  Easisest way might be for you to drop by my apartment at the top of Ward Ave. and Prospect on slopes of Punchbowl. 

The shoes are just going to sit and go to waste unless somebody wants them.


PS: truth in advertising: they are actually women's shoes, but since most of the HURT women are tougher than us guys anyway, I wear women's shoes proudly!

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Hey Matt, I am planning on wearing jeans and a blue Patagonia AC shirt today. What do you think, brown or black shoes?


Hmmmm. It is quite interesting that you know how to "girly-fy" things. Quite.

Matt "allegedly gender confused" Stevens

allright, you guys wanna play hardball, eh? I'm going to do two things:

1. make a list of everyone who is giving me crap about my women's shoes. So far it's Hopwood, Cheryl, Bob McCallaster, and Brian. Keep it up, you all, and your name will be on this list!

2. I'm going to spray paint these shoes hot pink and sprinkle in some glitter to really girly-fy them, and then I'm going to find the people on my list, break into their house, kidnap all their trail shoes, and go to work on them with the remainder of my pink spray paint and glitter. I'm not afraid to fly outer island, either, Hopwood!

"these pink trail racers were made for walking, and walking is what they'll...these pink trail racers were made for walking, and someday they are going walk over you..."

all my aloha,
Matt "Richard Simmons" Stevens (:

 paul hoppy

Matt, It was Transrockies Not Transgender!. But 57mins is still 57mins, even if you did cross the line looking like Richard simmons :0.


and Matt, we are in San Fran for Miwok,,,I'm sure I can find something 'special' for you here....
maybe in pink....


matt stevens

you know, it is possible for somebody to just say they want the dang shoes without making sure the world knows Stevens is a cross-dressing trail freak....we can do these things civily, people! Ha guys are killing me over here; I love it. Incidentally, these were the shoes that went 57 minutes at Top of Tantalus; just think what they could do for a guy who doesn't have to stop to adjust the ribbons in his hair and fix his makeup like I had to out there...


Well HURT runners the missing link has been found. You know how we are always looking for that new little "something or other" to give us an edge. That undiscovered training secret that will help us improve our PRs on our favorite loops. It appears the answer is women's shoes. The scientist in me wonders if this finding is generalizable to other running wears. Would Matt be even faster in ladie's underwear? Alright, some secrets are better left secrets. Matt you knew this was coming!


he wears running skirts also...and EZP shorts!!!

Bob Mc.

Reading this I can tell sleepless nights are already making Matt delusional and grasping to write coherently. You would think someone who can run 100 miles would have the stamina to miss a few hours of sleep each night while he is changing messy diapers and giving the occasional feeding to his new son. He's in trouble already I can tell. We're praying for you Matt. Lesley, has Matt always worn women's shoes? Have you been missing any? The things we learn on here. It's like confessional sometimes.

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