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HURT Runners in NYC

The Sri Chinmoy 6 and 10 day races are underway in Flushing Meadow Corona Park in Queens.  HURT regular Frederick Davis III is in the 10 day event and Wave Spofford from the Big Island is in the 6 day.

There are some outstanding runners there from around the world along with many followers of the late Sri Chinmoy.  Pam Reed of Badwater fame is running to break the current women's record of 510 miles. 

Yiannis Kourous holds the current men's record at 639+ miles set en route to 1000. 

The event is 6 days instead of 7 to recognize the Sabbath.

Whoever runs the farthest wins.

Link is here:  http://www.srichinmoyraces.org/us/ultras/6-10-day-race/6-10-day-race-2009/results_2009/

The park is where Yiannis Kourous twice set world records for 24 hours (since improved by him to 188+) and Ann Trason once won the American 24 hour championships with 143 miles, beating all of the men.  New Yorker Al Prawda made the Guiness Book by completing a 70 mile run, backwards.  (I barely beat him going frontwards.)  The 1964 world's fair was held in the park and the iconic geosphere is still there.  Shea Stadium and the Tennis Center are nearby.

I used to run a lot of races on the one mile loop and the Sri's followers put on a well supported event.  Even so, Wave has crew in Stephanie Amick, a canoe racer from Captain Cook who has crewed several island perimter runs, a Badwater double and Trans Australia.  So he will be well cared for.

This particular form of torture (or 'enhance running') was popular in the late 1800's and events were well attended with daily press updates.  Most were held indoors on dirt tracks and winners could collect thousands of dollars.  The arenas were filled with smoke and there was heavy wagering as well which meant a runner might have his water supply tampered with or be hit by an object from the stands.  Medical aid meant ailing runners legs would be bled or hung with leeches to purge the 'bad blood'.  Many wore fancy silk shirts and carried silver-topped walking sticks.  I hate to imagine the shoes.

It was 100 years before someone eclipsed John Rowell's 6 day record or even went over 600 miles after the event was revived in the 1980's.

My friend Ed Dodd wrote a book about these runs many years ago.  It was excerpted in Rich Benyo's magazine bits of which you can find on the internet though the book is out of print.  There were other varients of endurance running all with big (at that time) money at stake.  These included point to point runs such as the length of Great Britain from John O' Groats to Lands End which some still do today.  My personal favorite required the runner to complete one mile during each hour for 1000 hours.

The Trans-Am races were held in the 1920's and runners also had to compete in local races along the way to generate money and publicity.  So after running in from the previous town they might have to compete in a 6 or 10 mile all out run against local competition and then continue across the country the next day.  Honaunau's Kawika Spaulding completed a modern Trans-Am run in the mid 90's when the event enjoyed a brief revival, though without the local events.

Let's send Fred and Wave the aloha.  If I get email updates from Stephanie I'll post in comments.

Frank MacMillan

almost new pair of size 9 Vasque shoes if anybody wants them

aloha HURT ohana,

I'm looking to unload these shoes on somebody for $ FREE.99.  I got them in December at a Portland REI garage sale for cheap.  (they were worn once)  I've worn them about 4 times, and everytime the right shoe gives my heel a blister and I can't seem to toughen up my feet to handle them. 

Other than that; I love this shoe.  Thick rubber toe box in the front is great for kicking roots and rocks when you are either pissed off or just having an off day on the trails (: 

If anybody wants them, just give me a call.  398-2830 cell.  I'm home all week on paternity leave (read: catching glassy surf at Point Panic while all you other schmucks have to work!)  Easisest way might be for you to drop by my apartment at the top of Ward Ave. and Prospect on slopes of Punchbowl. 

The shoes are just going to sit and go to waste unless somebody wants them.


PS: truth in advertising: they are actually women's shoes, but since most of the HURT women are tougher than us guys anyway, I wear women's shoes proudly!

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Saturday Training May 2, 2009 "Peacock Flats"

Aloha Athletes !

This should be an unusually busy week for Hawaii Ultramarathoners, as several will be going to the mainland for the Miwok 100k in the Bay area and even more will be doing some of their longer training runs for 100 milers on the mainland, coming up soon. Peacock Flats will be the choice for most, this Saturday, starting at 6:00 am from the Dillingham Airfield parking lot. Larry Inouye said to mention that our permit for parking will be good from 4:30 am May 2 until 1:00 am May 3, and that normal regulations apply. For most, a 54 mile double loop is planned, but as always, feel free to come out and do what you can. The 100 mile folks will really be happy to see you out there with your support.  Don

Nathaniel "Nate Dawg" Graham Stevens in da' House!!

After months and months of anticipation, he is here!  Mom, baby and dad are all at home resting and enjoying being a family.  I'm so proud of how tenacious and tough Lesley was in the delivery room!  Nate weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz.  Though I am probably a bit biased, I do believe he has the makings of a tough ultrarunner in the future.  After only being alive for a little over a day, he barely made a peep when they pricked his heel to do the blood screenings.  I wish I could say the same for myself when I had a little heel trouble in HURT, but I was crying like your average newborn at mile 87.  If all goes well, son will soon be taking dad to school on the trails of Tantalus!  Thanks for being such a strong support to our little family, HURT ohana.  We cherish our relationships with each of you. 


Matt, Lesley and Nate

PS: If you want more pics or the full birth story, visit www.hawaiistevens.blogspot.com






Saturday Training Options 4-25-09

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday (4-25-09) you have 2 options. Cheryl will be leading a group, starting at 6:30 am, on the Kaahele race course and also, a few of us will be going out to do Peacock Flats, starting just after 6 am. If you need directions to Kaahele, please give Cheryl a call at 277-4960. If you have questions on Peacock Flats, you can call me at 247-4144. It's a shame that we can't be at both places at the same time. Darn !  Don

Senior HURT runners helping the next generation of trailrunners today

Today, a generous group of the senior HURT crew offered their services to the younger and youngest generation of trail runners.  Lesley and I went out for a walk on the trails to try to get the baby to come out, since Nathaniel is now officially one day overdue.  After seeing these guys, we felt confident in delivering the baby right on the trail.  We had Dr. Bill to do the delivery, Cheryl to help Matt do all the labor coaching correctly, Don to speedily run for help if we needed, and Mike to document the whole thing and write up a killer story about the delivery!  Alas, the baby did not come out on the trail in the end, however, but our little family is thankful for all the HURT support.  Can't wait to introduce you to the newest Stevens when he finally decides to roll out.  Nate and I plan on tearing up the father/son division in the HURT trail series in about 20 years... (:  (Lesley and Nate are not in this picture because they were taking the picture)

Matt and LesleyCopy of IMG_0256


Trail of the Month

Greetings Everyone,

I contributed a little write-up, pics, and video for trail of the month at the Wilderness Running Company out of St. George, UT.  The write-up is on Gordons Loop.  It will be in Trailrunner magazine in the near future and there will be a link to view more pics and video on the WRC website.  I am very excited.  For the write-up I have received a pair of Vasque Blur SL, Bridgedale socks, and some nutrition, also once it is published I will receive a $100 shopping spree at their online store (Gordon, you got something coming your way;)).  I just wanted to let everyone know the situation and to look out for the ad in Trailrunner in the next couple issues:)  I will let everyone know when it will be.  Check out the store, NFI, they are just getting off the ground but Stacy, will be happy to assist you.  He sure knows how to hook it up:)  I also want to let everyoone know that I will be going to California to do the Holcomb Valley Trail 33 Miler in Big Bear Lake, CA on June 14th in preparation for AC100.  Bring on the altitude!!!  BTW The Doc says the knee is 100%. Give Thanks and have fun this weekend, I will be doing sixteen at Pupukea this Sunday if anyone cares to join in, give me a call.



Saturday Training 4-18-09 "Marian's 45 Miler"

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday will be a Golden opportunity to get in some great training and to give some support to our HURT pals who are training for 100 milers on the mainland...you may see all or several of the following: Marian, Steph, Ernest, Gil and Rex.  Most will be starting at Cheryl's house (call Cheryl for directions @ 277-4960) at 5:30 am and will be passing through the Waimanalo Trailhead APPROX. 6:30 am...then Pali Lookout at APPROX. 8:45 am...down thru Jackass Ginger and on to the Nature Center at APPROX. 11:30 am. Please keep in mind that the above times are APPROXIMATE !. Cheryl will be providing water + a few other treats at Pali Lookout, on the way out (on the way back, it likely will be a stash).

Come out and join the fun group and show your aloha for our tough 100 milers ! All, or any part.  Don

Message from Bram Regarding Run To the Sun

ALOHA H.U.R.T. family I'm sorry to announce my resignation as race director of Run to the Sun. Its been a great run.  I would like to thank especially John, PJ, Vernon, Cheryl and anyone else who have assisted Valley Isle Road Runners with making this event happen year after year. Thank you to all the HURT runners who have come over and participated in this event. I have done this now for the last 7 years and this last one being most memorable. Its time for someone else to take the ball. I'll spare you the details as to why. Not sure what the future holds for this event given that no one yet has stepped up to the plate. I hope to see the 30th anniversary for this event happen.

I'll miss seeing everyone but I wont miss dealing with park rangers, government officials and bureaucrats.

Thank you again. See you at the races!

Bram DenHaan