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I can't thank you enough for the many years you have directed and have put your time and effort into making Run to the Sun one of the best and the greatest run I've run in. Outstanding 36.2 miles, before @ after and in between.

Mahalo a Nuiloa, Clem

matt stevens


Running Run to the Sun 3 years ago was one of the most memorable runs of 20 years of running. Thank you for all the work that you have done, that most of us will never know, to give me that experience. You're all aloha.

Matt Stevens



Although you probably do not know me personally, I entered the 2009 Run to the Sun Race and had a "priceless" first time ultra-race experience. I was so impressed with the organization of the race, spirit and helpfulness of all the volunteers and just a awesome overall race experience. Your dedication and committment to the Run to the Sun Race has provide me with a wonderful life experience and has opened new experiences for future ultra and trail races.


Mahalo nui loa Bram for all your hard work and for the very successful and memorable Run to the Suns that you have directed!
Aloha, Johnny

Doug J

Thank you for a wonderful race. Run To the Sun is my all time favorite and I really look forward to coming back and doing the race in the future, I hope the next RD can maintain the same quality that you presented this year. Your volunteers are also second to none!!
Aloha and Mahalo,


A big hug from all your HURT buddies.
The race has alwasy been very special because of all your hard work.
we can't let it slip away...


Aloha Bram !
First, we will ALL really miss you. This includes all of the people that forgot to say thanks every year. They will miss you too. You have always done a superb job and I can honestly say that your volunteers this year, were the best that I have ever seen. This includes our HURT races. They were great ! Thanks again for a wonderful job...every year. Although we recognize that being a race director is a thankless job, we are confident that we will be able to find someone to take the position (a fool is born every minute !). That being said, the race will never be the same without you and your volunteers. All the best !!! Don


Thanks Bram. I have great memories of many RTS runs. It was always a wonderful experience and I thank you and all your volunteers for the great effort. Much Aloha,

Bob Mc.


Thank you for all you have done in putting on Run to the Sun. I sure hope someone steps up and is willing to take over what you have established. See you on the trails.


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