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April 23, 2009


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Hey Matt ! Congratulations to both you and Leslie ! However, there's only one Dawg in your house, and it ain't Nate or Leslie. Hmmmmmm..."Matt Dawg"...ya, it has a nice ring to it.


Congrats! Let's hope that serious sleep deprivation will slow dad down a little on the trails. (I seem to recall a sub-1hr finish at Top of Tantalus. Ridiculous. This has to end.)

Love to all!


Congratulations, Matt and Lesley! Matt, don't forget to teach Nate the songs that you sang on the trails during HURT 2009. You need to start "warping" the kid as soon as possible...


Congratulations and best to the family!

Matt, from the looks of that picture of you and Nate, I have to say that you are well on your way to joining us in the Senior Division.


Congratulations Matt and Lesley!!! Parenthood is fun:) I'll have to check out more pics...

Jah Bless You,


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