Senior HURT runners helping the next generation of trailrunners today
Saturday Training Options 4-25-09


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I agree with the concept, but I don't think it had anything to do with pigs. My feeling is that it was fruit falling off trees in a distant valley. Our forebearers knew that the fruit would be fermenting for perhaps 24-36 hours and offer a great after 'dinner' supplement of Alcohol. Hence the haste to get there and the willingness to do the distance. (anyone getting there late could still eat the fruit, but it would just be rotten)

Those among their breathern who were not interested in making the trek, or racing the natural clock, were obviously genetically inferior, and lacking in any appreciation of what it takes to create the proper 'atmosphere' for procreation. Plus they had no sense of humor, and did not want to get fruit faced and spend the next few days puking and wondering why they did not drink enough water or stop at the salt lick on the way out.

My only basis for this obsurdity is the fact that the best beers ALWAYS come after the longest runs. Plus not matter what I drink after the run, I always blame eveything on failure to properly hydrate and take electrolytes. Must be in my genes.

Aloha, Mikeminch

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