Saturday Training 5-16-09 Peacock Flats with Rex
Inspirational Ultra Video

HURT Runner Overcomes Physical Challenge!

A local HURT runner has transformed himself in an effort to better his performance.  For years he has been kidded and the 'heel' of many jokes by insensitive HURT members, but he continues to strive in spite of his need to purchase twice as many pairs of shoes as the average runner.   If you see him on the Peacock trails this week end......please try and keep a straight face.




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I find you post entirely offensive. How can you say such things about Fast People? I will not dispute your contention that Fast People suffer from social ineptitude and are entirely too concerned with personal perfomanace. But mocking their total lack of social graces will not solve the terrible burdens that society has placed upon them.

Fast people don't know that most Real People stand around and socialize after a race and don't just pick up their fake prizes and go home. Fast People have never had their asses kicked enough to understand that Real People don't want them there, and have a good laugh when the leave. They don't understand that the 'Top Ten' is really the 'Mock Ten' and that most of their prizes are ene'ene. Fast People just don't know that the only thing funnier than a dumb blond joke is a Fast Person joke. They are never around long enough to catch on. But it's not their fault. Their impediments go beyond the race, and you have to understand that. I urge you to cheer all the Fast People as well as party with the Real finishers, and stop shushing them off with insincere complements and praise. Someday they are going to catch on and it will be soo hurtful. Don't abuse fast people with so much mock praise. The common joke, said every race after they leave is just not true, their brains did NOT drain into their legs, or get urinated out, and they are NOT dumber than logs. Fast people are just like US....well kind of like us, at least. I have a rabbit that is almost as dumb as a Fast Person, but he has the sense never to talk. (Lord save us from the mindless chatter of fast people!)

Give fast people a break! Be sure to say 'Good Job' to every fast person you meet on the trail, even if you don't really mean it. Congratulate ever fast person at the end of a race! Give fast people a break, even if their very low IQ's make it hard to talk with them. Remember! The world always gives fast people a break. Not because they deserve it, but because they are so entirely pathetic.


lookin mean....left footed bastid might even be fast, not that there is anything wrong with being fast. Hell, some of my best friends are fast. And even if fast people are unsocial and always rather cloyingly appreciative of praise, I often find their rather egocentric chatter amusing and good for a laugh. Rex has come a long way but I got to say that he still aint that fast. Maybe he can work a deal with a friend of mine who got in car accident a few years ago. It paralized the whole left side of his body. He's all right now. Him and Rex would make a good buying coop. Some of you people are really dumb.

Bob Mc.

I hope for his own sake that Murphy has been training because Rex is looking lean, mean, and ready to run. Go get-um Rex!!


As a HURT "plus size" runner measuring in at 5'11" and 170 to 175# may I caution you that weight-to-power ratio jokes can really sting. Not everyone can be 5'8" and 145# and wear a size 9 women's shoe. All the best to Rex on a serious training day and the payoff of many hours on the trail with our favorite submariner.


I always knew that Rex was a very special guy.....I just wasn't aware of how special!

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