H.U.R.T. Trail Series "Run with a View" Saturday May 9, 2009
Saturday Training 5-16-09 Peacock Flats with Rex

Run with a View Results and Photos

Perfect weather+beautiful trails+good people+great post-race food = FUN!!

Cheryl and Don put together a really fun event this past Saturday and it looked like the 85 participants all enjoyed themselves.

Not wanting past participants to be bored, the race directors, Cheryl and Don decided to have us run the looped course in reverse from previous years. For the most part this worked just fine except a few people missed a turn or two and others felt the uphill climbs getting back to the dirt road from the dry stream crossing made the course a bit more challenging. All in all, it was just good fun.

You can see the results here. Congratulations go out to Men's winner Chad Seymour and Women's winner Candes Gentry.

The photos were taken by Cheryl and Kat. Thanks for taking all of these. There are 178 photos to be viewed here

Thanks also to the other volunteers--Lisa Dewald and the boys who helped with the aid station. Gil Loomis, Fish, Kat and of course John and PJ. I am probably forgetting someone?

We return back to Makiki for the next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail series: Mango Madness is June 13. Put it on your calendar now.

I guess the only thing I was questioning a bit was why it appeared that there were some runners who ran the race but didn't pay the fee??? I realize we are having some tough economic times but we are talking $10 here. IN fact I heard some woman who was pretty fast was not a registered/paid runner? I don't get that!


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So how many people saw the cute turtle on the course? Beats coming across a huge dead pig! I THINK I had fun because it WAS harder...lol


hear that Don,,,maybe next year we make it even harder!!!
Johnny is getting too fast!


I had so much fun at this run! I loved the change in course! Mahalo Cheryl and Don!!!

Paul Sibley

Sounds like a great time, and I had to miss it this year. Took out several blind people paddling off Waikiki Sat., and learned at lot more about life. Next year, look out Nate Stevens!

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