David Goggins
Western States Training Camp

Saturday Training May 30, 2009: More Peacock!

Aloha Athletes !

If you are new to visiting this site or new to running with the H.U.R.T. group, you might begin to think Peacock is the only place we run. That is not true. It's just that right now with several runners training for races on the mainland, it is a great place to train.

I am not sure what distances will be run this Saturday but I was told to post a 6:00 a.m start time. Same starting location as always from the Dillingham Airfield parking lot.

This time of year it is pretty hot up there. I spent 3 + hours up there on my mtn bike this past weekend. Take plenty of water for during your run and keep something cold in the car for when you finish. A dip in the ocean helps too. That is what we did this past weekend and it makes the ride home a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Don't forget, the Mango Madness Trail Series race is coming up on June 13th. We will be back on the Makiki/Tantalus trails for that one.

Aloha, Bob


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Speaking of the Trail Series, and the Mango Madness, is that Maniac Mike Minch going to play games with the trail directions again? This thing about fast people has got to stop! Everyone knows regular people just let those losers win. If they couldn't get prizes at races there wouldn't be much meaning in their lives. Personally I like fast people and I like to drink with them, they usually pick up the check if you complement them regularly. Some times shallow can be advantageous.

So Mike, quit messing with the way things should be, let the fast people win like they are supposed to, give them a few ditzy prizes and let's all go drinkin on their plastic. First one to the Pinks pays!

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