Western States 100 results
Women's Winner, Anita Ortiz and another article

Congratulations to W.S. Runners!

Congratulations to our Hawaii H.U.R.T. runners. We can't wait to hear the stories that go with these results.

Gil Loomis: 27:33
Marian Yasuda: 28:19
Ernest Tay: 28:33
Stephanie Jenkins had to drop. From what I have heard, she went up there and started the race knowing she had some on going injuries but still toed the line. Courageous and strong effort.

Results were at times challenging for some of us to get yesterday though others seemed to be able to track the runners easily. I am not sure the e-mail worked very well. I only got three e-mails on Stephanie and all three were exactly the same.

Come out to the Kaena Point Firecracker Race next Saturday and welcome the runners back. I am sure there will be some great stories to tell.

Full results can be seen here.


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Congrats all! Great job!


Great job, everyone, especially given the exceptionally hot conditions on the course. Must be a carryover from last year's fires....

Doug J

Way to go Guys, Gil, Steve must not have been all that hard on you. Great Job


Just look at the laundry list of people that dropped and you will see how tough these guys really are. You guys rock for sure! I love it.


Great job, everybody. You make HURT proud!


Spec-ta-cu-lar!!! Now where are those race reports? Come on, you all finished _hours_ ago!

Well done, everybody!

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