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4th of July: Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race

Fliagfirework Show-up Saturday morning at least 30 minutes before the 7:00 a.m. start of the race and pay your $10 entry fee is all you need to do to run the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race.

This is part of the H.U.R.T. Trail Series. In addition to the race, stick around for the post race potluck. Bring your favorite 4th of July dish to share. J0439251 We will have normal post-race fruit and drinks plus hot dogs, watermelon and lots of other tasty treats.

Bring a chair and your beach towel to cool off in the ocean after the race. If you want shade, you might want to bring a pop-up tent for after the race as there are no shade trees at the race start.

We will also be welcoming back the Hawaii Western States runners.

If you need more information like directions etc., please click here to read a previous post about the race.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday morning! As promised, no additional loops and we won't run the course in reverse. 


Bob & Barbi

Mohican 100 Mile Trail Race

Hey all,

I flew out to Loudonville, Ohio a couple of weekends ago (6/20-21) to pace a friend through the last 40 miles of the Mohican 100--her first 100 miler.  She says she wasn't feeling it at all, but still finished well in 27:28 and 32nd overall.  The trail was actually quite nice, and I'm just glad there weren't thunderstorms throughout the night.  Thanks to Big John for the pacing tips.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  I wore my HURT shirt proudly!


100_5988Mile 60.8 and about to begin pacing.

100_5993 Somewhere in the Ohio wilderness...

100_5997 Mile 75ish and still looking good!

100_5999 Covered bridge

100_6013 Made it through the night alive!


Mile 100 and mission complete!

Vi's 2nd Annual Adventure Trek: September 20, 2009

OK, here we go again! Vi' Adventure Trek and Run, the second annual, will be held at Kualoa Ranch again, on Sept. 20, which is a Sunday. Below is the application, which needs to be sent to MDA. We had a lot of fun last year helping a great cause, and making Vi a very happy girl!

I will be organizing the volunteers again, so if anyone can help us out this year, please call me at 351-1453, or send your e-mail to [email protected]. We need people to man the front gate, help as course marshals, help with the initial headquarters setup, cleanup, pick up of donated food and drinks the day before the race in town, and a few more things.

We are al looking forward to organizing this event again. We are promoting crazy costumes and an after race BYOP (bring your own picnic), although we will still supply snacks and lots of drinks as we did last year.

The application is available here for entrants. There is no late or race day entry so get those applications in early. The deadline is August 20th.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Congratulations to W.S. Runners!

Congratulations to our Hawaii H.U.R.T. runners. We can't wait to hear the stories that go with these results.

Gil Loomis: 27:33
Marian Yasuda: 28:19
Ernest Tay: 28:33
Stephanie Jenkins had to drop. From what I have heard, she went up there and started the race knowing she had some on going injuries but still toed the line. Courageous and strong effort.

Results were at times challenging for some of us to get yesterday though others seemed to be able to track the runners easily. I am not sure the e-mail worked very well. I only got three e-mails on Stephanie and all three were exactly the same.

Come out to the Kaena Point Firecracker Race next Saturday and welcome the runners back. I am sure there will be some great stories to tell.

Full results can be seen here.

Western States 100 results

Does anyone have any information on the results of this year's Western States 100?  I signed up on their webcast for e-mails but never received anything about the race or the Hawaii runners.  Their webcast site didn't work at all this weekend.  Bummer.

Ed B.

Wilderness Running Company Ad

Aloha Everyone!!  I just wanted you all to know that the write up I helped with for the Wilderness Running Company is up on their website now.  If you look in the new TrailRunner magazine, coming out next week, the ad will feature a picture of the Tantalus trailhead and a link to their website.  It is an awesome feature and I hope you all enjoy.  If you wish to check it out click here and then click on the picture of Honolulu, or click on "the life" and then on Honolulu.  Anyways, hope you like it....talk story later.  Jah Bless.  Devon

Treck Loop(s) warm up

I will be going out about 7:00 am on Saturday morning to do a treck loop, perhaps more.  You are welcome to join me.  We will be visiting all the sites that Marv  enjoyed and loved, in hopes of selecting a proper site to place his memorial stool.   Water tank park at 7:00. aloha,  Mike Muench

Saturday 6/27 Evening Hiking (Good Luck WST Runners)

Pushing out around 4:00pm Saturday from the Waimanalo end of the Manuawili Trail.  Hiking, self supported, to the Grassy Knoll above Nuuanu then play with gear for additional training, cook (yes cook) a meal, rest and then return ending in Maunawili via Manuawili Falls Trail junction.

Easy pace at about 3 mph.  Flashlights and food, water and supplies for about 18 hours of total time.  Assume rain.  I'll also show a movie on my iPhone during dinner!

Good luck to all at WST 100!!!

Contact me if interested, and for more information.  Paul (497-3911)

Saturday Training/Western States weekend

Aloha Athletes !

With most everyone's focus on our tough HURT runners at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run this Saturday, it seemed like a good plan to make it a "day off" from organized training. The Western States 100 has a nice tracking system, making it very easy to follow your favorites. So, take a well-deserved day off and get ready for next weekend's 4th of July Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile to be held on Saturday, July 4. Bob & Barbie McAllaster have a fun event planned. See ya there !   Don

Holcomb Valley 33 Miler and AC 100 Night Training Run

CaliforniaRunningAdventure 158


CaliforniaRunningAdventure 132

Well I amCaliforniaRunningAdventure 114 back from my California Running Adventure and it couldn't have been better:)  Holcomb Valley 33 Miler on June 14th in Big Bear Lake, California had to have been the most challenging for my lungs.  The whole course is above 7000' and I sure felt it.  I showed up 1.5 hours before race start and it was about 30 degrees.  It warmed up to about maybe 70 degrees by the end of the race.  I finished in 8:45.  The course had 7000' elevation gain and loss and was pretty much runnable the whole way....if you are used to running at that altitude:)  It was a great training run for AC 100.  The highlight of my trip was running on the PCT during the race,  it was just awesome.  I then hopped over to Wrightwood, CA where the start of the AC 100 will be in September and camped there with my mom and step-dad.  On June 20th I did the AC 100 Night Training Run, which consisted of the final 26 miles of the course, from Chantry Flats to Loma Alta Park, Altadena, CA.  We carpooled from the park and went high up into the mountains where you could see forever.  I rode with co-race director Hal Winton.  We then started at 1900 and ran for a while until it got dark which was about an hour and 4 miles in.  It was a different experience running at night mostly by yourself in unfamiliar territory, in bear and cougar country.  I was like, "I am definitley not in Hawaii anymore."  I got to mile 14 at the top of Sam Merrill and my knee started to hurt.  I ran walked the next 4 miles and could not continue to injure myself, thus I walked the last 8 miles in 3 hours or so.  I finished the run in 9.5 hours at 0430 in the morning.  And there was Hal Winton, Dave, and Dave waiting for me to make sure that the Hawaii runner did not get eaten:)  All in all it was a great experience and a wonderful way to spend three weeks in California and great prep fpr AC 100.  I did get a little injured but the doctor just said to take it easy for a couple weeks, also I did come back with a bad case of Psoriasis, not poison oak. But,  I will talk more on my blog about my trip later.  Jah Bless.. .....Devon Webb                                   

 CaliforniaRunningAdventure 118