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Saturday Training 7-11-09 "Maunawili"

Maunawili Out and Back - August 1, 2009

How Super Pig Saved the Maunawili Out and Back


Rumors were flying....the Maunawili Out and Back was in jeopardy. Talk on the street was that there were these two badass pigs, Leatherface and Scar, plotting to take out innocent runners as they attempted to make their way along the Maunawili Trail on August 1.

Leatherface and Scar
Leatherface and Scar

Their evil plan was to hide in the overgrown cat’s claw waiting for an unsuspecting runner to come flying down the trail.  Scar, being the smaller and less intimidating of the pair, would jump out onto the trail in front of the runner, startling the runner and forcing him or her to stumble and become unstable.  Leatherface would then attack from behind, and push the poor runner off the edge of the trail.  They would delight in their deft skill and ingenious plan.  One by one, they could stop the entire field of runners.  


Somehow, mild-mannered Don Fallis caught wind of this devious plot.  He could not stand by and allow this favorite race of the HURT Trail Series become victim to these badass pigs.  This was a job for Super Pig.  Don stepped into his office in Kaneohe wearing sweat pants and a HURT Trail Series Patagonia shirt, and stepped out in this:

Super Pig
Super Pig

Super Pig made his way to the hangout for the thug pigs, Leatherface and Scar, and opened up a can of whoop-ass.  They were overpowered by Super Pig’s tenacity and bravery (just like that silly old cancer was), that they put their tails between their legs and ran for the hills like the panties that they really were.  Once again, Super Pig saved the day!!!!


Now everyone can enjoy the beautiful Maunawili trail on August 1 starting at 7 a.m. and run with the nice pigs, like Steve and Matt:


Matt is leading by a snout.....

Race Details:

·        Show-up and Sign-up - entry fee is $10 each

·        Starts at the Pali Lookout at 7:00 a.m.

·        Arrive at the start no later than 6:30 (our supreme parking tsar will direct you to park on the road leading up to the parking lot - no bathrooms are available)

·        22-mile trail (out and back) through beautiful forest in and out of valleys

·        Can be done as a 2-person relay (both team members need to check in at the lookout)

·        Relay hand-off point is the Waimanalo end of the trail (recommend handing off car keys at that point)

·        Carrying fluids is mandatory - 40 ounces minimum

·        Please be diligent about leaving no trace out there - absolutely no littering!

·        The race start is staggered, based on gender and age

·        For additional information, call Marian at 221-5171 or email


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Lesley Stevens

But Matt is smiling because he's kicking Steve's pork butt.


Everyone knows real hogs don't wear pink!
If you think a pig's tail is funny you should see its ......


....and probably hiding his GIRL shoes in the shavings!


but the matt pig is in pink.........


wow...Don looks like he is really moving in that photo! Was that what he wore during Badwater? The merciless heat must have really screwed with his judgment! While the Steve pig may be more handsome, the Matt pig appears to have more efficient running mechanics down the stretch; just look at the calm, cool, collected demeanor in the eyes...


baby's got pork!


Steve is much more handsome pig!

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