Maunawili Out and Back - August 1, 2009
Saturday Training 7-18-09 "Maunawili Again"

Saturday Training 7-11-09 "Maunawili"

Aloha Athletes !

The fact that I'm still laughing from reading Marian's clever post about those dangerous pigs on Maunawili Trail, makes it difficult to type this. However, in spite of those mean pigs, we still plan to bravely venture over to Pali Lookout at 6:00 am this Saturday and with wary eyes, do all or most of the 22 mile roundtrip on the Maunawili Out and Back race course, to get into shape for the race to be held on Aug. 1, 2009. Come join us ! It will be a snortin' good time !  Don (aka Super Pig) Thanks Marian for the cool post !


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Pali Lookout Parking lot is correct.

J. Seat

Please advise where you will be meeting - will it be at the Pali lookout parking lot?

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