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July 23, 2009


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"Be nice to hikers on the trail. Some of them are lost. They like to take the long way to Maunawili Falls."

Actually there is little difference between lost and stupid,or ignorant...which on trails we run is the equivalent of stupid. I've run into a few groups of people in the last few weeks that didn't know where they were or how to get back to where they came from,if in fact they knew where they came from; which is not to say I could not tell them where to go or where they were--neither being what they wanted to hear.

In most cases, not matter what you tell them, they are willing to go to far with too little water and energy, and then they become too bonked to figure out how to get out of where they got themselves into.

Remember, there IS such a thing as a one-way; even if the car is in Waimanalo and they are at the top of the falls trail. The Bus runs from the Maunawili trailhead to Kailua, and then Kailua to Waimanalo. Tell the listening ones to go that way. You can only laugh at the really brave ones and hope they catch on to what it is you are implying. See ya out there!

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