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August 31, 2009


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Bummer to here that Devon, hope you can get into another race!


So sorry Devon.....I feel your pain!


It is a hard thing to take--the canelation of a race or a sudden late training injury. But that is just a part of the cycle. I urge you to look deeply at that last training run and consider what you could have done better, what you must do better if you are to last in this sport. Take the race cancelation as a gift. You have time to spend with your family, time to train here in Hawaii, and you don't have to go to the mainland--which is always such a wonderful place to leave.

You are set for the Triple Trek. This could be a record pace for you. That's cool. Run like a son of a gun, go home and catch a nap, go to the beach with the family. What more can we ask. Lucky we live Hawaii!

Aloha, Mikem

pj Salmonson

Wow- sorry Devon. For whatever reason, it was meant to be. You are a better person, and a better runner for the training you've just done.
Take care of yourself!
pj and John


My wife and I were driving up that way yesterday after shopping in Waipahu. I just told her what a tough bike ride I had up Kunia Rd. a few weeks ago when I saw you two on the left side of the road. You looked pretty strong at that point!


It has to fall into the Sep 19-20 weekend I have been looking for anything 50K to 100 Miles. Because of my plane tickets. Somewhere near California that is driveable withn a day. Also having to witht he ER I am much better runner in the mountains where I belong:)

Bob Mc.

I can understand your disappointment however if you still want to do a 100 mile race, look around. There are others and some have opened slots for AC 100 participants. Don't let all that training go to waste. And what the heck you doing to end up in the ER? Yikes!

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