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August 22, 2009


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no matter where or how far we run in Hawaii, it's always good.


And I just wanted to race Bob for 50K! Oh well.

Keith Moon

If new to HURT, please take note to Bob's wisdom. Use TTT as a time to learn, esp if you made it into HURT 2010. As a newbee to trail running TTT was my first Ultra, you do learn a great deal from going beyond 20-miles on the trail with regards to nutrition etc. Thanks to all the HURT crew for your never ending support of the sport.


Perhaps what we need is a longer run, a meditative exercise in in pace and distance. Something that deals in the cycles of time not necessarily finishing place or speed. I am contemplating one such mantra like experience in early November, which happens to coincide with my passage into that bleak world of dark fires and thick smoke that lies just beyond the chronological barrier of one's sixtieth year. To paraphrase one of my heroes of Hawaiian history the Ali'i'ai'moku of Kauai, Kaeokulani, "If I am going there I want to stir up some heavy shit before I am dragged from this world." And early November should be a good time as we will have recovered from the warm up of the Peacock in late October. Looking into the future of most HURT warriors, it is safe to say that if there is a Hades its gate opens late at night somewhere along the A'huilama on the third or forth loop of the HURT. In order to avoid this 'pit fall', so to speak, it is best to engage in some cognitive behavioral therapy, some habituation to the detrimental stimuli of the dark paths of the late night world of 'The Loop' and most of all, far back Manoa. Unfortunately significant exposure, under race type conditions, is limited by nocturnal periodicity. The best most of us can ever do is the only time most of us ever face that situation...no habituation opportunity there. So.....guess what?

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