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Garmin Track of Trek Loop

Hey runners,

Since there was so much discussion and comment regarding Trek loops last week, Julie Ng was nice enough to send in this link to the Trek route that she mapped out using her Garmin. This is pretty cool and I am all for technology. However the Garmin is wrong. The loops are definitely 10 miles. Don't be fooled by any less distance. OK, enough said.

1. In the map image, select the "Hybrid" or "Terrain" box
2. Press the "Play" button
Start: Kanealole trailhead (by the bathrooms)
Trails: Kanealole - Makiki Valley - Moleka - Manoa Cliff - Kalawahine - Nahuina - Makiki Valley - Maunalaha
End: Lower Nature Center parking lot
Total: 8 miles



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When we wheeled the the Trek loop in the fall of 2000, using two different wheels for each segment and going in both directions, (in other words each trail segment was measured at least four times) the loop measured about 8.5 miles. With the new beginning segment it may be a little bit longer.

I never could figure out why John insists that the triple trek is 30+ miles. The Volcano Marathon is billed as the toughest measured marathon in the world. The triple trek, rightly so, is the toughest almost a marathon in the world.



My distaste for computer aside, I must say that this is very interesting little deal. Thanks to Julie for taking the time to record it.


Yeah right, eight miles..... tell your garmin to go screw itself. fkn trail can turn and twist 360 degrees and the little know-it-all box will still be tryin to pull up it diapers. Next you are going to try and prove we all live in warm pools of piss and suck slime for dinner....just cuz the box tells you so.

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