Tough as Granite Trail Half-Marathon
Trash Removed from Maunawili Falls Trail

Mahalo Gordon ! "You are the best !"

At the Peacock Flats Saturday Training this Saturday, everyone was very excited to see Gordon Lau's smiling face, there with his hunting dog Malia and a truckload of goodies, including 30 gallons of water for the stash, bottles of cold water, and cold Mountain Dew, orange drink and chips. He was there early and was still there when the last group passed through, waiting to carry out all the mountain of rubbish. What a guy !! Thank you Gordon for all the many runners that continually use the stash. Gordon stashed the water slightly down the hill from his "regular" stash, which is marked by ribbons. Also thanks to the few that humped water up the hill to add additional water to the stash. You are cool too.  Don


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Thanks and mahalo to Gordon, and everyone that replaces stashes on all the HURT training trails... I missed that on Saturday since I was learning a new trail by accident but always comforting to run into the likes of Fish, Rex, Huddy, and Ernest to tell me which intersection to turn LEFT. thanks you guys. And thanks to Don too because I passed him humping one of the gallons of water up the hill. I just give my money to Cheryl. cheers, Jan

Doug Baker

Gordon is ultra cool! Thank you Gordon for providing those cool drinks and chips - they really were refreshing on that long, hot run.

Steve Villiger

Thanks Gordon! You da man!


Thanks Mang!


Gordon you saved the day for me...the stash was replenished just in time!

Mahalo, Jake


And Don was so enchanted by Gordon's sweet dog, Malia, that we had to listen to his version of a song from West Side Story.
Running down Ah=SH*T hill,he was singing..."I just met a dog named Malia".

Vernon and I ran rather quickly down the hill...

Thanks again Gordon,,you were a Hawaiian Blessing out there.


It's been mentioned before but it bears repeating.....Anyone who has driven up to Peacock to drop water knows what a chore it is.

It's pretty much a full day's operation to replenish the stash. It includes a trip to the store to load over a hundred pounds of water....carrying said water back into the woods by hand(repeated trips), cleaning up the trash (from multiple places), etc...

It's an expensive day, timewise (getting permits and drive time) and monentary (gas, supplies), so if you haven't kicked in any cash...don't be shy.

You can give Gordon some money directly (he'll be at the Peacock race), or give it to Cheryl and she can make sure he gets it.


The cold drinks were like the nectar of the gods! Mahalo nui loa Gordon!

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