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September 26, 2009


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I wonder what happens when you wear ladies running shoes AND barf? Just a thought. Go get 'em Matty!

 paul hopi

Looks like spagetti from the night before! :0 Nice to see the stevens familly over on Maui and great job Matt -extra credit of course for the barf.


Matt Stevens, Ryan Hall...hmmmm.

For sure style points alone = Matt
Sub 60 minute Haf = Ryan
Best teeth = Matt

Winner = Matt!!!

Good luck in Chicago

Matt Stevens

do rabbits really barf while being pursued by wolves? if so, that's COOL!


I looked at the last couple of Val Nolasco half marathons, and none of the first place finishing times were even close in those either! Amazing run Matt, omedeto gozaimasu!


Well, this explains why the Maui News didn't have a finish-line shot on the front page of the Monday paper!


maybe we could tie a barf bag around you neck?



You go fast.
You puke.
You go faster.
Kind of like what rabbits do when they are chased by hungry wolves. Interesting.
Good job.


Stunning. Not bad for a guy who, just months ago, couldn't even figure out how to follow the ribbons on a ten miler (Mango Madness). There can be no doubt that that particular event, the challenge and the embarrassment, have since sparked him into this outstanding achievement.

Matt, we are all behind you, figuratively and physically, and send you our ardent aloha. May Lonoikamakahiki, the diminutive wooden god of the makahi games watch over you as you meet the challenges of the coming months, may you defeat your competitors and vanquish your rivals, and may the mana of defeated flow into you and give you the power to commmand your enemies. May you lift your sword high and bring it down upon.......well...ahhh.....just cross the line first all the time. OK?

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