Matt Stevens wins Maui Half Marathon
For the Newbies... and the forgetful.

Saturday Training 10-03-09 "Peacock Barfs"

Aloha Athletes !

I was so taken by the photo of Matt Stevens barfing on-the-run at the Maui Marathon Half-Marathon that it got me to thinking. Is that the secret ingredient that we have been missing all these years? After all, I've never known anyone personally, other than Matt, who could run a half-marathon that fast and he's also the only one that barfed on the fly. I rest my case. Guys, we need to start working on our barf technique. Anyway, back to this Saturday...same ol'-same 'ol...Peacock Flats...early group: 4 am start at the bottom of Long Road...old, slow guys: 8 am start at Dillingham Airfield.   Peacock 54 race, 5 weeks from this Saturday.  Don


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I will be heading out to Peacock's on Friday evening. I hope to be on the trails before 5:00 P.M. Leaving from the Long Road Side, Crossing over and down the Kealia to Dillingham and then back as I do not want to do Gordon's loop in the dark. (Perhaps we can do the road to the golf balls and back.)

My secondary goal, assuming my knees hold out, is to leave Long Road on the second loop and be back at Dillingham by 8:00 AM, so we can hang with the Late Crowd. This will be at a fast walk/ walk pace.

If you are interested in spending some time on these enchanting trails under the moon glow and star light drop me an email mmuench01 at gmail dot com and we can arrange a time. Aloha, Mikem

Dr. Bozo, PhD

Maybe we need to start adding Ipecac to our sports drinks! By the way, most small prey don't puke when they run from predators, they usually empty their bowels. So maybe we should also add Exlax , too!

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