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Saturday Training 9-26-09 "...and more Peacocks"

Aloha Athletes !

Since I'm just the messenger and not the brains behind this Saturday Training stuff, my job is to "do what I'm told" and "don't ask questions or you'll lose your job"...and since I really need the goes: This Saturday we meet at the bottom of Long Road at 4:00 am...that's 0400 to some...and too damn early for some others, including me. Although I've been instructed to "not ask questions", will it soon be 3:30 am?...3:00am?  Oops, I shouldn't have said that ! Okay, 4:00 am it is.  I'll see you guys and gals on Oct.3.  Gotta work this Saturday.  Don


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Mary Gillie


I'm a fell runner (I think similar to want you call trail runners) from the UK. I'm on the Big Island and on holiday from the 2nd to the 13th October. If anyone would like to meet up and show me some Big Island off road running that by great. Definitely not a road runner My email is Cheers, Mary Gillie


OK Bobby, Friday at 4:00PM bottom of long road. See you there!! Remember to bring that gallon of water to hump to the top.

Doug Baker

Andy - When we reached the bottom of the long road, I looked back and was amazed to see you turned around and heading back up that burning hot road. Awesome!


I opted for sleeping late last weekend before running Peacock, but when I was headed up long road in the noontime sun, I began wondering if the extra sleep was worth it!

Doug Baker

Don - you're cracking me up! I have to say I had my doubts about getting up so early to do the run last week. But I'm sure glad I did. It was actually fun running up the long road in the dark. And it was even more fun to be out there with the other HURT runners. Looking forward to doing it again this weekend!

Bob Mc.

Man! I am really glad XTERRA falls on the same weekend as the Peacock 54. Four a.m. ??? Why don't you guys just start Friday after work and get it over with? Have Fun!


....but who's gonna sing to me?

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