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Tough as Granite Trail Half-Marathon

Greetings Athletes,

Yesterday I participated in the second annual Tough as Granite Trail Half-Marathon in Granite Bay, California near Auburn, CA.  Since AC 100 was cancelled I wanted to find another trail race on the same weekend and this was the only one.  The info on the website said that it would be scenic and challenging.  Well it was definitely scenic.  I found the only thing really challenging was  starting out at 0830 when it was already 90 degrees:)  The trails were very well maintained and the course was VERY well marked.  The course was two loops and wound around near Fol som Lake. The race had 2000+ feet of elevation change for the entire course.   I came in at 2:52 after running the first loop taking photos and trying my best to make up time on the second loop.  However I still made third place in my age group:)  I hope everyone is well and will see you all at Peacock 54.  Also, and update from the RD for AC 100 said that all runners in the 2009 race will be automatically entered in the burnt out race next year on Aug. 28.  With that being said Gotta Run......






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Glad you still made the trip out! See you on the northshore!


Well done Devon. Enjoy your trip but don't run too many roads while you are over there. See you next week! Aloha, Mike

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