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Saturday Training 9-26-09 "...and more Peacocks"

Trash Removed from Maunawili Falls Trail

Below is a photo of over 50 pounds of trash removed from Maunawili Falls Trail.  I led a group from two high schools and a Rotary club up to the falls and removed every piece of trash we could find.  As we always promote during races, never leave trash on our beautiful trails.  If you are out on this trail, please enjoy the clean beauty while it last!  Aloha - Paul



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During a vacation in Oahu in May, I ran the Maunawili Demonstration Trail and found only one trash, a pepsi (?) bottle. I was very impressed there. I went Maunawili Falls Trail few days later. Wow, that was totally different. Cigarette butts were tucked in between rocks near the fall, YUK! Thank you for the work. I ran the Run with a View race and met a bunch of HURT guys. What a nice running community. I miss you guys.

Kiyoshi, New Hampshire


Hey, Thanks Paul! Pete and I ran that trail last month and were suprised by how much crap was on the trail. Nice to see some hard workers took care of it! Mahalo's to all.


Nice work Paul ! Nice work Aidan ! Heck, nice work everybody !


great job Aiden..

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