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Triple Trek Aid Station Update

Race Director PJ has decided to only have one aid station out on the course this year. The aid station will be at the second road crossing or where Kalawahine, the road, and concrete hill all meet. This aid station will be staffed by Cheryl and Marian. That means no whining and be nice when you come by here.

Of course there will also be aid at the start/finish.

PJ didn't say this so this is just me talking here. She probably decided to do it this way since there was so much talk about how short the loop really is and if it is as short as all those people were saying, one aid station is enough! Again, PJ didn't really say that.

What she said is that this race really is the start of H.U.R.T. training and that people need to get used to carrying water and what they need as practice for the H.U.R.T. 100.



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Matt Stevens

I personally think everyone should be forced NOT to carry any fluids, electrolytes or calories, nor consume any at any aid stations when they race Saturday. I found out at Maunawili Out and Back that sitting on your butt with your face in your hands, crying, and generally despising life at mile 20 provided a new way to enjoy being out in nature for a longer period of time than I had planned....... see everybody Saturday!


WOW.........I love the excitement and the controversy, things have been so dull lately! It was really my idea to eliminate the 1st. station....based on:
1. In my 10 prior TTT runs, I've never seen the need to put an AS after 30-35 minutes of running.
2. HURT's 1st. AS is at 5.5 miles WST is at 10 miles, this one is 1.5 miles.
3. We've tried for weeks to recuit someone with no takers.
4. Most use the Start/Finish as the major supply drop, so this AS really comes too soon.
5. The $10 fee is still a pretty good value for a 30 mile run with 6 aid stations and a BBQ. In the old days it was $35.
So, blame the fact that I'm old and grumpy!

Dr. Bozo, PhD

Since someone mentioned the length of the loop again, I looked at Na Ala Hele's maps and added up the distances, and it comes out a lot closer to 10 miles than to 8.5, and certainly a lot more than 8, so what gives? How did they measure their trail distances?


Nice re-write of history, but I don't buy it. We have had a few races since the ending of the Trek and they had those aid stations. Mangos has those aid stations. I believe Top of Tantalus has those stations. The aid stations were posted on this site a few days ago. Not good planning to change now. Maybe a bowl of Ibu tabs should be provided at the bottom of Concretes to help the wayward dehydrated along.

I don't much care and would prefer no aid stations, but it's not the same TT race. I can carry more and go farther than most. The fewer aid stations the better from my point of view. Let's make it a real race and do 30 miles of self support with a time limit of 7 hours. (you can carry the ibu)

Bob Mc

In the past the Tantalus Trek (a single loop) also took place on the same day as the Triple Trek. The single Trek loop race attracted a large number of novice runners as well as experienced runners who many times would choose to run a single loop without carrying any hydration. The main reason there were ever any aid stations during the Triple Trek was to support the Trek race. The aid stations are a carry over from the Trek race.


we run it all the time on two bottles, without an aid station...one aid station is plenty.


An unmanned water stop would be just fine, and maintain the equivalence to past races. (I'll set it up and break it down if necessary.) You want to practice hydration go to Peacock. This is the Triple Trek, not the 'Prepare for HURT' race.

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