Monday Night HURT loop
Saturday Training 10-31-09 "Manoa to Jackass repeats"

A Really Big PEACOCK mahalo !

Aloha !

Saturday was the 2nd Annual Peacock 54 mile HURT Trail Series Race and what a race it was ! Hopefully the results will be posted soon. As I'm rushing to get ready for a flight to the mainland in a few hours, I MUST thank the many people that worked so very hard to make this demanding 18 hour race a huge success. Where to start? But first, since I know there will be someone, or two, that I will forget to mention, I sincerely apologize. That being said, I'll start by thanking Rob Lahoe, who did an unbelievable job with the remote "intersection" aid station. Friends, he worked his okole off, and even took photos in his spare time. Yikes ! I'd better hurry ! Okay, mahalo to Leon, Pete. Ray Woo, David Carlsson, Leslie Klukas, Tom and Wah for their hard work at the aid stations, and to Fishman and Ernest for trail marking (and Fish's help everywhere on race day). I certainly had better not forget Larry's work getting our permit...yeah Larry.

Now it comes to Cheryl, Marian and Kat who not only bought the groceries, cooked all kinds of fantastic dishes, brought them out and then worked hours and hours helping the runners through trying times during the day and night. They were unbelievable ! Thank you so much girls. No HURT race would be complete without our HURT gurus John & PJ Salmonson, and of course, as always, they we right there with their sleeves rolled-up, right in the thick of things. Unless I forgot someone, we're down to my buddy Gordon Lau, who is Mr. Peacock 54 ! Without Gordon, there wouldn't be a Peacock 54 race, and it's due to his hard work that this race is the successful race it is. Thank you so much Gordon...and thanks to all of you who made this race such a fun event. Congratulations to all the runners. See you next year.  Don


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Sometimes saying thank you just never seems enough and I am not sure I can add much to what has already been said but I will chip in my tuppence worth anyhow. You guys are the best. I love the running part but it is the people involved that make it special. Thanks to everyone at the aid stations for keeping us safe, to Rob for great pictures and of course to the race organizers for another fun running adventure.


By now it's been said 10 times over but that won't keep me from saying it again: spectacular organization and support! Thanks to everybody who helped, in particular those who were aching to go out themselves but sacrificed their race to support ours! Mahalo nui!

Steve Villiger

Thanks to all of you who put this race together, and all of the volunteers! This year, was again, a memorable event.

Jake H

I don't know that I can add much more to the stream, but Mahalo Nui to all the support crews, the HURT Ohana, and Gordon for his crafty course designs.

I do want to acknowledge Freddy's great turnaround...after flying by me down hill on Long road (second trip) I found him nearly out of it in a chair at the aid station....only to have him catch me on the long crossover and then drop me "like a bad habit" after the intersection on his way to Kealia and the finish....AWESOME RECOVERY BROTHER! That's the kind of heart that makes ultra-running the greatest of sports!


You're all not kidding when you say what a value! I have never experienced a better support team with better equipped aid stations in all my years of running, biking and triathlons, and at a fraction of the cost! I am not only grateful to all the volunteers, but to all of the other runners who all kept giving each other encouragement throughout the day, and during all the long training miles. This summer series was a great way to get to know the HURT ohana, and although I won't be running the 100, I'll try my best to return the aloha I've received throughout the series!


Thanks Gordon, Don, John and PJ, and most of all, all the people at the aid stations who were so helpful every time a runner came in. This race has got to qualify as one of the hardest sub 100K races in the country. I was in awe seeing the leaders go streaking by me on their returns, and impressed with everyone who made those turns and pushed back up Kealia and Long Road. This is one race where the second time is often a bit less than a 'charm'. Just ask Rex, who sacraficed a part of himself to Ku of the Long Road, and then administered his own coup-de-ta on the Kealia; and see Ryan rise up from the depths of exhaustion and do that second turn was incredible. That took great courage, or just sheer delusional stubborness, or perhaps both! I can think of no more daunting task than facing the Kealia and Long Road ups after that king of zombie bonks! Well Done everyone!


I'm not going to say where I heard this from, but here's another quote to go along with those Jan wrote below:

"after yesterdays race and seeing the fast times and ONLY a 50% drop rate I came up with a ... course that even I would think twice about entering :-) More hills and more trails and hopefully less finishers"

Who knows, maybe in the years to come people will say "remember the first couple of Peacock races and how easy they were?"

God, I love this sport.


and just for a few laughs:

Below is a collection of my favorite remarks made so far about running Peacock:

"you're a HURT runner,,,you are looney."

"I went into it with one goal...finish and not be hurt. I did that."

"It really helped a lot that we ran together. Thanks so much for keeping me moving!"

"and how are the feet??"

"I told just about everyone I saw during the day that you gave me the two best tips ever: keep hydrating, and just keep your butt moving. It worked."

"I have blisters on every single toe! Plus a few more other places on my feet. But those ThorLo socks are so much better than my other socks."

"... the large amount of Mountain Dew I consumed may have played a small part in it...I may have developed an addiction. Of the 6 cans I have consumed in my life, 5 of them were during this race."

"I just want to give my feet and blisters and legs and everything else a rest. Whew."

"Great job last night!!! Or was it last morning? Or, wait ... I mean to say, great job yesterday morning, day, AND night!!!! We did it."

"What was the name of that stuff you can get at Long's for blisters...starts with a "B"... I can't remember the name of it for the life of me (understandable considering it was Saturday night...)"

" and said it was your first ultra, I thought you did Triple Trek, wasn't that an ultra...wait a second, was it?? Or maybe that was just the warm up, oh I get it now!!"

"Everybody that survived it did a great job out there.... We can all be proud."


Yes, couldn't agree more, talk about value for money...! And thanks again to Don, always great to run into your smiling face out there.


I couldn't agree more with Don. As usual, the HURT family came out in force and made this a very special,well run event. I don't know where else you can get so much fun for $10. And, Don, you are too modest. Thank you too, for making this one great.

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