Peacock 54 Race this Saturday ! 10-24-09
Toenail Removal

Good Luck to our Xterra Athletes !

The Peacock 54 is certainly not the only endurance event being held in Hawaii this weekend, as Xterra is also this weekend. Our HURT family will be well represented at Xterra, as Bob & Barbi McAllaster, Nick Kaiser, Steve Dewald and Amy Bennet Eck will be doing Xterra. Nick and Amy will be doing the "double", as they just finished the Kona Ironman two weeks ago, a rare feat.

Good luck to ALL !!!!!!  Aloha !  Don


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Bob Mc.

Hi Mike,

I survived while pretty much everyone else thrived. Nick did great as always. Amy won the double as predicted. Unfortunately Steve has some bad luck and it was just not his weekend. He crashed on the practice bike course and that ultimately cost him the race as his front rim would not hold air and he had to stop just a few miles into the bike leg. He's got bigger fish to fry with his upcoming UltraMan event in November. It was a fun event especially for this non-swimmer.
Aloha, Bob


So how did you all do at Xterra?

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