Chicago Marathon Report
Good Luck to our Xterra Athletes !

Peacock 54 Race this Saturday ! 10-24-09

Aloha Athletes !

It's FINALLY here ! The race of the year ! 54 tough miles over an 18 hour time period for a measly 10 bucks ! Not only get aid stations with water and sports drink AND Kat's yummy moche and Cheryl's famous pasta salad !! Also, don't forget that you can pick-up some cool Christmas gifts early, as we have a recent shipment of very nice Patagonia short-sleeve shirts for $20, unless you'd rather wait and pay $35 in the stores. Don't forget, you have the opportunity, this year, to run the Peacock 54 as a two-person relay for $10 each...still a bargain !

Just be out at the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower parking lot at around 5:30 am, this Saturday, and we'll get you signed-up for the very tough Peacock 54 ultramarathon. We plan to start the race promptly at 6:00am.

You say "what about drop bags?" Many of the veterans plan to bring a drop bag with their special goodies, which we will take to the bottom of Long Road for them to use there. Most plan to use their vehicle, which will be parked at the start/finish for another drop bag. Which reminds me... Be sure and have proper vehicle card, registration, etc. in your vehicle, and park in designated parking stalls.

See you there,

Don & Gordon


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Benita Shults

Good Luck. My trail spirit will be traveling with you to keep you going.


i can't believe I won't be taking advantage of a 10 dollar 54 mile race...that comes out to less than 20 cents per mile...what a deal!!!! Have a great party/race/ordeal up there this weekend, everybody!
much aloha,


Does anyone have a *really nice* camera that I can borrow? I'll be at the 3-way all day(if it doesn't rain this year) manning the aid station, which will probably be water/sports drink and ice only. I was thinking of making the aid station self-serve during the second loop and heading out to Gordon's trail to see if I can get a few pictures of the runners.


PM, look further down the page for the maps....under Newbies and others.... Big HTML there. This is not a road run. Yokes to Dillingham is intense, no doubt, but Peacocks is on another plain of reality. Best you should come out with the idea of doing a 10 for $10, and make your decision on traveling beyond the pale when you make it to the top of Kealia the first time. Read the html, read some of the other stuff on this run. We welcome everyone and others will no doubt try and help you along the way; But this is a black diamond trail run and you best know what you are stepping onto before you go charging up the first switchbacks.


Do you post the trail maps? I'm on Oahuvisiting family and would like to run or see the courses that your running team do. Yesterday I did Yokes to Dillingham and back. Intense!

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