A Really Big PEACOCK mahalo !
The Human Body Is Built for Distance

Saturday Training 10-31-09 "Manoa to Jackass repeats"

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday will offically kick-off HURT 100 training so plan to be at the mauka end of Manoa Rd. (just before it narrows) a few minutes before 6:00 am and join the group for Paradise to Jackass repeats. Get used to this one, as we will be doing it a lot ! Since there will be no stash at Jackass, please bring plenty of water, etc. See you there.  Don


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I'm planning on doing a bit more this Saturday, and will be heading out from Manoa around 10:00PM Friday Night with the intent of doing a sub-eight, and meeting up with the crew as they head up and out on the Ahuilama. This might be a good time for some to start working on night lines. Things have changed a bit out there and a nice easy pace is a good way to begin to get the trail set in your mind. Everyone (or should I say anyone?) is welcome to join me. Leave me message, or give me a call. mnmuenchzeroone atgmail or threeseventwo twosixthreeohh.


Roughly how far do you think we will be going? I was planning to just run a complete HURT loop being that I have never done one before. I'll chat with others and see what they want to do. Either way I'll be out in the area on Saturday!


Here's a map:

Mark Preston

Ok Don. For the newbies in the group, where exactly is the location?

Doug Baker

You folks must be made of steel, titanium, or carbon fiber. I'd like to make this run, but I'm not sure if my legs are going to be ready by this Saturday.

Jake H

can anyone help me with parking guidance...I don't seem to remember anything besides dillingham and peacock flats :)

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