Saturday Training 10-31-09 "Manoa to Jackass repeats"
Peacock Results


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I think Mike has it half right at the end there. I'm sure our ancestors also enjoyed a little "sun-dried" jerky with their rotten fruit brews! Besides, you gotta have a little protein for recovery!


The book may be OK but this article is profoundly stupid.

Why do people get hurt? Mostly because they are lazy ignorant and over weight. Mostly because there is no substitute for adequate training. There is no substitute for adequate training!!! How many people ever even do a half marathon before doing a whole one? How many of you will do 50 miles before trying a first 100. How many people actually practice hydration and nutrition over the distance of the race?? There is no substitute for adequate training.

"you hardly use your glutes when you walk"..if you are monkey like the author of this piece maybe. Glutes keep you erect and provide firm pivot points, both essential in efficient movement across the ground for a two legged beast. ..also try walking a bit faster. change pace, posture. Not everyone is a rabbit, in fact very few are rabbits. Rabbits are evolutionary side trails.

"modern chues promote bad form." Hey dude break a few effing toes and tell me how good yer form is then. By the way..speaking of feet....who the hell was that gorilla up on the cross over the other night?

The idea that man chased meat. BS! People moved to take advantage of changes is natural crop cycles. Would you walk 50 miles for bit of a rotten animal or a bucket of fruit that could get your ass stinking drunk? People don't change. Anyway the shaman was the main one who knew how to brew the stuff and help everyone 'see' the gods. He got the whole clan moving...women, children, old people,..all walking... over to the pub...

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