Good Luck to our Xterra Athletes !
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Matt, I'm sure you will set a wonderful example. Come on out for the start tomorrow, I have a set of wire cutters in the car that should work just fine. Perhaps we can showcase the idea by awarding yours as a 'Peacocks' set of 'HURT necklace' style matching earings. Don's already working on coordinating the Lei sizes, so he may be asking you for a little toe set as well. (Just think! You can be one miserable sob and you won't even have to run up the Kealia switchbacks!!) You'll be the envy or every runner who heads out of the Dillingham parking lot on that second loop!


I'll borrow a toenail from my dog to contribute. They look about the same anyway!


all right, Mike! Welcome to the bandwagon; start drumming up support this weekend and I'll draft a petition to submit to the HURT 100 race directors.

Mike Muench

Decorative mutilation, now that's the ticket! As long as it is not done in search of reducing pain and misery,I want to say here and now that I am right behind you on this one Matt.

Matt Stevens

I think all HURT runners should be absolutely required to remove their big toenails. We can string all those nails together into a lei, and it can be the perpetual trophy for the winner of the HURT 100. They would also be required to wear it to the banquet, of course!

Mike Muench

Why blame it on the sport? It just tells a bit about some of most fanatic. It took my three years to figure out how to deal with toe nail loss. In the long run the answer was larger shoes and better soxs. Fancy That?

Getting close to the razor's edge often means standing on the flat of the blade.

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