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No Run to the Sun in 2010

Gates on the Manoa Cliff Trail

IMG00118 I had heard mention of a fence and gates being added up by where the work is being done close to the Map Room on the Manoa Cliff trail. Still I was not ready to see such a shiny fence and gate. The first gate is on the Manoa Cliff trail right at the Map Room. The second gate is further along the Cliff Trail towards Manoa Valley.

I understand the why behind the gates, I just wish they were a little less shiny and somehow blended in a bit more. I guess in time, after weathering a bit, the shine and shock of seeing gates will wear off.


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Phil Pua'a

Like most things government, the gates are great, however the fences are lacking. Only those who follow the rules will be restricted. Hunnnkkahh Hunnnkahhh!

Matt Stevens

real runners will hurdle these minor obstacles steeple-chase style...

Bob Mc.

I like that strategy Jake. Get a combo lock and only let the slow guys know the combination.

Jake H

Clearly they are trying to slow down the lead HURT runners so that the rest of us can stay reasonably close!

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