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No Run to the Sun in 2010

I have heard rumors of this for a month or so and just received confirmation from past Maui race director Bram DenHaan.

"With regrets I announce that the 2010 the 30th Run to the Sun will almost definitely not happen. No one stepped up and 2 candidates that were slightly interested got scared. I'm bummed about it but that's how it is. I hope someone will step forward for 2011."

Aloha Bram

Plan your running calendars accordingly.

Sad Sun

Gates on the Manoa Cliff Trail

IMG00118 I had heard mention of a fence and gates being added up by where the work is being done close to the Map Room on the Manoa Cliff trail. Still I was not ready to see such a shiny fence and gate. The first gate is on the Manoa Cliff trail right at the Map Room. The second gate is further along the Cliff Trail towards Manoa Valley.

I understand the why behind the gates, I just wish they were a little less shiny and somehow blended in a bit more. I guess in time, after weathering a bit, the shine and shock of seeing gates will wear off.

Post Thanksgiving Workouts-- ala carte

Don and Cheryl have asked me to post the Saturday training routine as they are both off island.

The fast crowds have some good night runs planned for Friday-Saturday and I urge all those who are in the sub-six category to get out and join Paul et.al. for a good night run experience. Paul is famous for his stashes and preparation, and you will be running a Ferrari training experience.  As for Saturday morning it's a choice.  Mikem is going to do some 'speed' work and run a few reverse trek loops leaving about 7:00 am from nature center.  Let's assume there is a 6:00 am group going out from Paradise to do Jackass-Paradise repeats.  This is a core training week-end.  Count the time left....its ebbing as fast as an Anartic ice  shelf  and before we all can say 'HURT 100' the 7 weeks will be history and we will be staring at a 6:00 am race start.  See you on the trails...Aloha, Mikem 

Rich Roll + Vegan Diet = Ultraman

Rich Roll had gotten quite a bit of notoriety for his athletic ability. Men's Fitness Magazine recognized him as one of their "25 Fittest Guys in the World".  He participated in his first ever Ultraman in 2008 finishing in 11th place. He has done so while living and training on a vegan diet. You can learn more about Rich here

Rich has been on the Big Isle training with Jason Lester and is gearing up for Ultraman this weekend. By the way, those who don't know Jason, he won and ESPY earlier this year and you lean more about him here.

Steve Dewald is headed back for his second Ultraman as well. Gil and Cheryl will be his crew.

Here is a video of Rich talking about his vegan diet and what it has done for him. Oh, for 2010, Rich plans to turn to ultra running. Something to think about while you eat all that turkey later this week.

Ultraman Athlete Rich Roll: Vegan Endurance Athlete Aloha, Bob

Last Saturday at Peacock

Hey Guys and Gals !

While most of you were having fun on the HURT 100 course, playing in the mud, Cheryl and I were having a marvy day at Peacock, enjoying the beautiful vistas and cool breezes. Jan was doing her own thing, up ahead and we were elated to see Gordon and Malia, Gordon's cool hunting dog, heading home with their limit of Franklin's. Gordon is a talented hunter as well as a talented ultrarunner. As Cheryl and I were navigating the steep, gnarly section of Gordon's Loop, we heard voices and to our amazement saw three mountain bikes flying down the steep, rutted section just behind us. The guy leading was from Hawaii, named Shepard "The Yank" and the other two were Italians. We chatted for a minute or so and then they took off up the steep trail, carrying their bikes and going faster than we were going. Just amazing ! We caught a glimpse of them speeding along on a couple of occasions, watching the female Italian pumping up a steep section and wondering if they were pros.  It was a special day.  Don

Friday 11/27 - All Night Long!

After getting stuffed on Thursday, please come out and join me for a 40 miler.  Regardless of your pace and distance, safety in numbers!  Plan for wind, rain and whine.  Hope to have the barista working at JG to keep the mood and feet moving.  Will have glowsticks at the resupply to light the night (and coffee stash).

When: Friday 11/27 starting at 6:00pm
Where: Parking near the Pumping Station and walking up to Nature Center
What: Two HURT loops (40 miles) with a resupply point at JG
Pace: Around 5 hours for 20 miles, then 5:45 for the next 20 miles (give or take a few hours)

Email with any questions. [email protected]

Aloha - Paul


Optional Saturday Training 11-20-09

Aloha Athletes !

In addition to multiple training venues on the HURT 100 course, several of us are venturing out to the Peacock Flats area this Saturday for some different views and terrain. Cheryl will be starting at the bottom of Long Road at 5:00 am, using my new flashlight from Fish. By the time she meets me at the Dillingham airfield parking lot at 8:30 am, the flashlight will be "used goods", enabeling me to get a discount on the price. Times are tough...gotta save everywhere we can. We will go back up and do a 13 mile Gordon's Loop. So...5 am or 8:30 am...your choice...Peacock Flats...be there !  Don

Training Saturday November 21

There are multiple groups going out on Friday night to do night loops and into morning.  I hear there is a 6 hour group heading out from the Nature Center around 6:00 PM ( not sure on the time parking at the water tank)  There is also a slower group heading out from Paradise at about 4:00 PM  with a 7.5 turn time planned over three loops.  

Saturday morning is likely to be either a HURT Loop or Paradise-Jackass Repeats depending on your time schedule.  There is a water stash at Jackass.  BUT you should be carting your own over the hill (good training don't you know) as it's the same people playing water waiter every week, nuf said there.   Departure time is 6:00 AM from the top of Manoa Road.

We are into the heart of HURT Training.  If you signed up for the race it is time to slip on the mudders and get onto the trail.  This weekend offers yet another chance to run through the night.  Charming time. 

Good running and see you on the trails  Aloha,    Mikem

Monica's 2010 Adventure: 30-100 Milers !

Hi Guys and Gals !

Yep, the heading is real...no mis-print...Monica Scholz is planning to break her own record for "most 100 mile finishes in a calendar year", starting with the HURT 100 on January 16-17, 2010 ! Her plan is "30" official 100 mile finishes, which will handily top her present record of 23, which was set back in 2001. Let's look at this...30 one hundred milers in 52 weeks...hmmmm???...that's MORE than one every-other week...plus, most of the 100 milers are held between May and October...so likely she will be running 100's several weekends in a row ! Yep, that sounds like Monica. I don't call her "the Ultimate Super Chick" for nothing ! 30...yep, thirty !

I guess the most remarkable thing to me is that she will be working a full-time job as an attorney, which means that much of the time she will fly to a race on Friday...do the race on Saturday/Sunday...finish in time on Sunday to fly back to Canada, and then be in court on Monday morning, ready for a trial...all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ! Monica is a truly amazing athlete !  All the best, sweetie ! All your HURT buddies are rooting you on.  Don

60 Hour Run Preliminary Results

I am a bit hard put to identify those who did the longest distances this past week-end as few signed in or out,  but it appears that the following people covered the most ground:

Larry  60+

Harald  60

Frank 60

Congratulations to these guys.  There was some nasty weather up there this weekend to accomplish this.  I'd like to hear from any two loop plus runners.  

email me at  mmuench01 at  g  mail dot com

Thanks,  Mikem