Monica's 2010 Adventure: 30-100 Milers !
What is Your Favorite H.U.R.T. Trail Shoe?


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Mikey, great party! What a stupendous way to end a training session, i.e. hot shower, good food, lots of beer, and, of course, excellent company. We should do this everytime we run up PP.
Thanks, everyone, for wearing Kelli's t-shirts. I cannot say how much it means to both of us to have your love and support. Thank you so much.
And, Mikey, thank you for the gifts. I've started reading your book and like what I have read so far. I must say you impressed Zackery! He's never met an author before!


sorry i wasn't there early enough for the pink party...first b-day party that i've ever been to that i got a present for showing up. thanks mike...great pics.

Kelli Inouye

Hey guys, thanks so much for the support! The shirts look so cool, and I love the shirts, even the backwards pictures! Thanks again!

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