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Joel Truesdell

I really hope that this awesome race can be restored in 2011. I am finally over
my injuries and ready for number 12.


I've done The Run unsupported with a couple of stashes on the way up.( better option is a support car) It's a bit slower, and far more dangerours coming up that @#%$^ Cane Road to Pulehu alone, but once you get that far the rest is a piece of cake. (Remember to bring some cash for the park entry.) Be very careful and well illuminated and dressed in bright road gear, be prepared to dive into the shoulder greenery in the early stages.

So if the loss of the run has you down the option exists to do it.

Bob Mc.

Heather, the cancellation of the race has nothing to do with the number of participants. In fact for the last few years the race has sold out due to an abundance of runners wanting to do such a great race. No, the cancellation is unfortunately due to no one being willing to step up as the race director on Maui. Please understand that it is no small undertaking to organize and manage this race. It takes a huge amount of coordination, volunteers, and resources to pull it off. Hopefully in the future someone or even a group will be willing to take on this event and make it happen again.

Johnny L

So many people have been asking about the Run to the Sun 2010. Being that there was no mention whatsoever of late on this blog, we had a feeling no one else volunteered to direct it. Mahalo nui loa once again Bram for directing this very challlenging yet very fun event!!!


This race is an all time favorite of mine, I hope some one will take up the challenge to be the race director in the future.

Heather Albert (pine)

Is it canceled because no one wants to run? I was planning on it but I am still healing from a stress fracture in my pelvis. I think I'll be ready.... I did it two years ago and 2010 will be my last chance to do it again.... how many people do they need to do it?

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