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Rob, the post you are referring to was the second time a spammer left a "comment" in an attempt to direct traffic to some stupid website. I deleted both (the first one, a while back, was more obviously targeting male followers of this blog - uhem.)


That guy's obviously been on the trails with Mike and Rex after about 20 hours.

Bram Denhaan

Hi Mike I'll be available for pacing
808-280-4893. Attempted the race 2times did the 100 k instead both times about 22 hrs. Average marathon times around 4 hrs.
Bram Denhaan


Thanks Mike.


Contact is mmuench01 at gmail. Typo on first posting.


Hey Mikey,

Thanks for volunteering, as this is a tough job. Several runners (4) have contacted me to help them find pacers. Three are potential 28-32 hour finishers, one of which is a cranky female and the other is a hopeful 36, but a nice guy. So, put me on yor list and we'll talk when I get back from vacation. Don


Mahalo Mike for working on this! I will spread the word. Aloha

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