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2010 H.U.R.T. 100 Accepted Runner List

HURT 100 Pacer Exchange--Mikey made a typeo: mmuench01

From a few  conversations I have had and overheard I believe that there is no one attempting to coordinate pacers and runners in need for this year's 100.  I know a lot of people have taken care of their pacer needs.  Others have not yet gotten to that point in planning. 

I am going to take a stab at this.  It may work, it may not.   Here is how I will try to do this. 

If you need a pacer please send me an email with your estimated loop time. ie are you a 6 hour average runner or a 7 hour average runner (ectra) over the loops you will need a pacer.   Then tell me what loops you may be needing a pacer, and your estimated time of need (departing from Nature Center).  Provide me with a phone number and and email address. 

If you want to pace please do much the same as above.  Your best pace over a loop in hours.  When you can be available, and for how long.  Give me a phone number and email address.  If you want to be a pacer it is essential that you get out on the trails and do a few loops so you understand what you are committing to. Most people want night loop pacers.  Nasty business but very helpful.  Good pacers know their night lines.  Come on out and join the last of the night training loops!  

I will do the following.  I'll stick this info on a spreadsheet and try an coordinate contacts. I'll send emails to runners and possible pacers and it is up to you to finalize the arrangement. I would suggest you get out and run with your possible pacer to ensure compatibility. 

If you find a pacer, or become a pacer contact me and I will remove you from the list. 

The contact will be mmuench01 at gmail.  (please do not post your personal info as a comment as it is subject to crawler scarfing. )

Aloha,  Mikem


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Rob, the post you are referring to was the second time a spammer left a "comment" in an attempt to direct traffic to some stupid website. I deleted both (the first one, a while back, was more obviously targeting male followers of this blog - uhem.)


That guy's obviously been on the trails with Mike and Rex after about 20 hours.

Bram Denhaan

Hi Mike I'll be available for pacing
808-280-4893. Attempted the race 2times did the 100 k instead both times about 22 hrs. Average marathon times around 4 hrs.
Bram Denhaan


Thanks Mike.


Contact is mmuench01 at gmail. Typo on first posting.


Hey Mikey,

Thanks for volunteering, as this is a tough job. Several runners (4) have contacted me to help them find pacers. Three are potential 28-32 hour finishers, one of which is a cranky female and the other is a hopeful 36, but a nice guy. So, put me on yor list and we'll talk when I get back from vacation. Don


Mahalo Mike for working on this! I will spread the word. Aloha

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