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December 31, 2009


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jan M.

Marian's Energy Bars. I know I"m only a Pacer but can we please please have some of Marian's bars. and, Pizza.

Jake H

Any chance for some PB and Honey in addition to the ham and cheese? Also, should I assume that my new favorite vice, Mountain Dew, will be available? Thanks in advance to the support teams!


Small Ham sandwiches wrapped in sandwich bags please. I'll take that to go if you don't mind.


Fabulous! And I'll be good, PJ - no, I'll be unstoppable!! (Famous last words, eh?) Don't overdo it though, or I'll never get off my butt again at the NC!


Harald- the pizza came from Costco of course- we do have an oven at the Nature Center, so pizza's will be a staple, as well as our french fries... probably a few kalua pig sammies as well. We'll have warm veggie broth just for you,but you'd better perform!


Hehe, fabulous, Rob! Note to wife: love miso soup, so please make it vegetarian! Perhaps PJ remembers where she got those mini pizzas...

You have to love this event: our only opportunity to load up on junk food without even a hint of remorse or embarrassment!


NO SOUP FOR YOU!! Actually, I'm making my list and heading to Sam's Club this weekend. If there are any other requests, please let me know! Marian has already agreed to supply her world famous potato soup and my wife will be making miso soup. Maybe I can borrow a toaster oven from someone so I can make french fries and pizza.....

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