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HURT100 Wish List

With the 2010 event just around the corner, I am trying to remember all the lessons learned (and promptly forgotten) in the past couple of years. What comes out as critical for me is not the elusive 60-mile training run in December, or even the right shoes - my #1 concern is nutrition

So here are a few items from the HURT100 menu that stood out to me in previous years - stuff that got me through the night, or at least made me trudge on for another leg:

1) Soup (warm - not piping hot). Marian's incomparable potato soup, somebody's miso tofu soup at Paradise Park, Freddy's awesome lentil soup at Nu'uanu (Freddy, you never officially confessed but I think you're guilty anyway: next time, save a few chickens and use vegetable stock!)

2) French fries. Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates and potassium, but just the thought of gulping them down whole, sprinkled with sea salt, makes me gag. (I guess I'll never be an ultrarunner!) But last year somebody served french fries instead. Yes!

3) Mini pizza. I will erect a monument to PJ at some point. She dug up a vegetarian mini pizza last year at the Nature Center, from somewhere below that pile of pepperoni pizzas. I swear it kept me going for at least 6 more hours. No, make that eight.

4) (the odd one out but at least nutrition related:) Tooth paste. Rex introduced me to the novel concept of brushing one's teeth on Sunday morning. Makes all the difference!

So, aid station captains, if you haven't yet blown the entire 2010 budget on chocolate-chip cookies (love those too though!), can last-minute requests from the community still be considered? Perhaps others would like to nominate particularly popular items too?

Mahalo nui me ka hau'oli makahiki hou!


Updated H.U.R.T. 100 Post Race Banquet

Aloha Runners,

We will be having the H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Run post race banquet on January 18th, 2010 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Mid Pacific Country Club. The address to the country club is 266 Kaelepule Drive, Kailua, Hi., 96734 (808) 262-8161. A map link will be posted later to this site.

The cost for the buffet event will be $40.00 per person (cash is preferred over check). Unlike past events we will be selling banquet tickets at the check in on Friday afternoon. Space to the event is limited to 200, therefore you will need to purchase your ticket on Friday afternoon at the pre race brief. There will be no walk up sales at the event itself.  We need to go this route so that we have an accurate count for the banquet coordinators.

Good Luck with your taper.

John, Jeff, and PJ

It looks like we'll be having internet connections at the aid stations during this years' HURT 100. Because of this, we should be able to get onto Google Docs and have instant runner updates available on the web foro anyone wanting to take a look. Also, I'm planning on setting up a webcam over at Paradise Aid Station. If anyone wants to view the webcam, they need to have yahoo instant messenger. Once they've got that, they need to add [email protected] to their contact list, and send me an e-mail. I'll add that person to my contact list, and when everything's set up on race day, will send out an invitation to everyone to view the webcam. You must have Yahoo Messenger running to receive the invitation. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at the address above. Aloha! Rob

2010 Sweetheart's South Loop

I know that many of you are very focused on January 16 and I wish all HURT 100 entrants the best in their upcoming race.  Recently, I have had several inquiries regarding the 2010 Sweetheart's South Loop, and I have decided to post information now so that folks are able to fit this FUN event into their busy running schedules.

2010 SSL is going to be extra special........we will be going an additional 10 miles to commemorate all of the 50-somethings and other soon-to-be old farts.SSL+10_flyer

Visiting Hawaii (Honolulu, Waikiki) for 4 weeks. Would love some company while running! (preferably trails) So if you have any plans coming weeks don't hesitate to contact me on johan(a)jlc.nu.

Best regards //Johan (from Sweden)

2010 H.U.R.T. 100 Accepted Runner List

Aloha Runners,

By now you folks are nearing your taper mode for the H.U.R.T. 100. We are primed and ready to put on a great 10th anniversary event. The updated accepted runner list can be found here.   If you find that any of the information on the list is incorrect or if you would like to withdraw from the event please e-mail PJ

Race numbers will be assigned sometime in January.


PJ, John, & Jeff

HURT 100 Pacer Exchange--Mikey made a typeo: mmuench01

From a few  conversations I have had and overheard I believe that there is no one attempting to coordinate pacers and runners in need for this year's 100.  I know a lot of people have taken care of their pacer needs.  Others have not yet gotten to that point in planning. 

I am going to take a stab at this.  It may work, it may not.   Here is how I will try to do this. 

If you need a pacer please send me an email with your estimated loop time. ie are you a 6 hour average runner or a 7 hour average runner (ectra) over the loops you will need a pacer.   Then tell me what loops you may be needing a pacer, and your estimated time of need (departing from Nature Center).  Provide me with a phone number and and email address. 

If you want to pace please do much the same as above.  Your best pace over a loop in hours.  When you can be available, and for how long.  Give me a phone number and email address.  If you want to be a pacer it is essential that you get out on the trails and do a few loops so you understand what you are committing to. Most people want night loop pacers.  Nasty business but very helpful.  Good pacers know their night lines.  Come on out and join the last of the night training loops!  

I will do the following.  I'll stick this info on a spreadsheet and try an coordinate contacts. I'll send emails to runners and possible pacers and it is up to you to finalize the arrangement. I would suggest you get out and run with your possible pacer to ensure compatibility. 

If you find a pacer, or become a pacer contact me and I will remove you from the list. 

The contact will be mmuench01 at gmail.  (please do not post your personal info as a comment as it is subject to crawler scarfing. )

Aloha,  Mikem

Saturday Training Holiday Schedule

Aloha Athletes !

With the Holidays upon us, and schedules all-over-the-place, let's put a time and place to meet for Saturday Training...say 6:00 am at the end of Manoa Rd....starting this Saturday Dec. 19 through January 2, 2010...you are all very familiar with that spot...and a good place to do HURT loops. No guarantees as to who will be there, as lots of folks are on vacation and others have family fun planned, but a good place to start.

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season and health and happiness to all ! Good training !  Don

Friday Night Double 12/18

Leaving NC around 5:30pm this Friday for a 40 miler.  Plan to run 'er in before sunrise.  Carrying a Fish size pack (absent the cowbell) so no stoppin'.

This is my birthday run, although farther than I am old!! 
(Sorry Mike M., I'm not running my age in hours dude)

See you out there for my last 40 miler before HURT (maybe).

Paul Sibley
[email protected]