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Carl Gammon's Race Report

Carl Gammon came into HURT this year with high hopes of finishing. This is his story. For those who don't know, Carl used to live here and ran with HURT in the early days. 

Click here to read his report.

Carl, I hope your ankle heals quickly and you can get back out on it.




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Carl Gammon

Mike: Great inspirational comment. I think I'll share it on my blog.

Harald: Great meeting you, I'm sure I'll be seeing you again.


Carl sometimes it's not the races that are completed but the hard times of a good fight that make the best and longest memories. Sounds like this was one of them. Pain often creates a tatoo on the soul. You ain't no where near as pretty as Katra, but you got yourself a nice one for this HURT. Aloha Brah!


Great report, Carl, thanks for sharing! It's all mental - until an injury stops you. You demonstrated good judgment this year and will be rewarded in 2011, I'm sure. Onward!

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