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January 29, 2010


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Hey, if it works for Naoto, it can't be all bad.


I ran the Honolulu Marathon in Vibrams, mostly as a "I wonder if I can do it" experiment. I don't recomend it. I have run the Aiea Loop a few times in them as well. I don't recomend it.


Paul, not free shoes. You want to run a HURT 100 in them rubber toe socks or less and I'll pay the price. I figure the medical bills will put you on the dole to hurt anyway, and contributing the cost of the rubber socks will be minimal. I intend to be running at 85, by that time I figure I got a good chance of kickin yer ass by then, particularly if you be running in rubber socks.


It will be interesting to see where this latest craze heads. For me, barefoot running on the beach has been a means to strengthening my feet, ankles and lower legs and thus reducing some of the peculiars in my "experiment of one" but we are talking 10 round trip lengths of Ala Moana or 2 RTs of Kailua beach. Amazing views at the beach!


I ran barefoot down the hall to the bathroom, and did ok. I think that can translate into a 100 miler!! Let me walk around for 25 years and toughen up a bit more, and I'll take the challenge. But then you'll be 85 and likely will not remember this offer of free shoes.


Better listen to Conan!!!
Sure makes a lot of sense to me!

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