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Beachside Service

Hi Everyone,

Cheryl suggested (and Cheryl is always right) that I mention that there will be a beachside memorial service for Heather's Mom (also my 2nd Mom) this Sunday morning, in Kailua, at the canal crossing next to Buzz's Steak House area. Mom's ashes will be taken by canoe around 9:00 am to be spread in the ocean, which was her favorite place, followed by a very informal ceremony. The entire ceremony will likely be pau by 10:00 am. Her friends are encouraged to speak their feelings or to write their feelings down for another to read.  I apologize to anyone that feels this is inappropriate for a running blog. Aloha !  Don


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Ditto Jake- Don and Heather, it is very appropriate. Thanks for letting us know- we want to be there.
PJ & John

Jake H


Perfectly acceptable post from my perspective. This is a HURT Ohana...if a HURT runner could use our support, we all rally to support them, regardless if on the trail or not.

Heather and her Mom will be in my Ohana's prayers,


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