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HURT Loop March 6th--Looking for Guide


This is Robert P Smith and I’ve been following the HURT site for several months now and finally got out and ran the Pali lookout run with some of the supporters of the event, Jan M, etc.

I’ve hiked a portion of the course, from the Nature Center out to Paradise Point and back on the same route but I haven’t covered the whole course yet.

Saturday, March 6th, a couple of friends and I (possibly more) will be attempting to hike the entire 20 mile course based on the map and description from your site (thank you very much) but we’d really like having someone along with us that knows the course so we’re sure we’re following it correctly.  If, and I know that’s a big IF, anyone who knows the course is available and willing to be our guide we’d really appreciate it.

Right now we’re planning to start Saturday at 8am from the Nature Center but if someone is available Sunday vs Saturday we’re flexible in that regard and it would be worth it to have a guide vs not.

In Health,
Robert P Smith
[email protected]

SATURDAY TRAINING 2-27-10 "Fun Run to the Sun" Training

Aloha Athletes !
This Saturday will be a repeat of last Saturday...meet at 7:00 am at the Pumping Station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Drive...do roughly a 9 to 10 mile loop through Manoa, followed by a 10 mile round trip up Tantalus Rd. to the top of Concretes/return. A few people who are planning on doing the unofficial Fun Run to the Sun will be doing an additional Tantalus Rd. repeat. Great fun !  Join us. 

For those of you wanting to start earlier, Cheryl plans to do Tantalus Rd. repeats, starting at 6 am from the same location.


Fun Run to the Sun

Aloha Athletes !

With Bram's March 6, 2010 date for the unofficial "fun" Run to the Sun fast approaching, serious chatter on the subject was heard last Saturday on Tantalus. Since it's not a race or not even anything resembling a organized run, anyone showing up at 4:30 am at the parking lot behind the IHOP at Maui Mall should come prepared. "Prepared" means, at the minimum, carrying their own water and food (since there will be NO aid), and arranging their own transportation down from the mountain. We are hoping to pool the transportation, with EVERYONE paying their share.

I'll be happy to see if Cheryl will help me TRY to coordinate transportation, so please let me know if you are willing to help by driving a van or having a family member or friend drive a van that others could share. Anyway, e-mail your transportation situation to me at [email protected] and I'll try to help. Again, please keep in mind that we are friends and that we are all doing this as just a fun outing. It's possible that no one could show up. You could be doing it by yourself. Hmmmm???? That sounds kinda cool, huh?  Don

An Opportunity to Learn Trail Building with Na Ala Hele

From Na Ala Hele

The Oahu Na Ala Hele Trails and Access program recently established tool and recycled plastic material stashes along the Wilwilinui, Hawaii loa and Kuliouou ridge trails. The reason for the stashes is to eventually allow volunteers the ability to install mountain steps on their own time without supervision.

Over time the Na Ala Hele Trail and Access program has learned what-and-what-not-to-do when installing recycled plastic steps on trails. The program has now establish a standard installation model that seems to be holding up over time. Therefore, the Na Ala Hele program would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a presentation on mountain step building. Come learn how to install mountain steps and how you can be a part of this project.

We need people like you to keep this project alive. Can?

Click here for more details and to RSVP. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Time:  7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location:     Hawaii Trail & Mountain Club House
Street:  41-023 Pu'uone Street
City/Town:  Waimanalo, HI

See ya there

Mahalo & Aloha The Oahu Na Ala Hele Staff.

Kelli's Krew Does the Swamp Romp

P1010001 Some familiar faces wearing the bright pink Kelli's Krew shirts participated in the Swamp Romp. Over 400 teams participated (a race record) in the fun run through the mud and muck on the Marine base. They even got some air time on the 5:00 p.m. KHNL/KGMB news.

This is still one of my favorite races to "watch!" and I encourage everyone to give this race a go sometime. There were lots of other familiar faces out there and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Click here to see some more photos.

Great job ladies!!

Beachside Service

Hi Everyone,

Cheryl suggested (and Cheryl is always right) that I mention that there will be a beachside memorial service for Heather's Mom (also my 2nd Mom) this Sunday morning, in Kailua, at the canal crossing next to Buzz's Steak House area. Mom's ashes will be taken by canoe around 9:00 am to be spread in the ocean, which was her favorite place, followed by a very informal ceremony. The entire ceremony will likely be pau by 10:00 am. Her friends are encouraged to speak their feelings or to write their feelings down for another to read.  I apologize to anyone that feels this is inappropriate for a running blog. Aloha !  Don

Saturday Training 2-20-10 "Tantalus"

Aloha Athletes !

With Marian's wonderful "Sweetheart 50" still on everyone's minds an taste buds, and Swamp Romp vying for attention this Saturday, before we forget, the Haleakala Run to the Sun "Fun Run" is fast-approaching on March 6, 2010. In light of that, a couple of weeks of Haleakala training might not be a bad idea. If you don't plan to go to Maui, some Haleakala training should be good for you anyway. Meet at the pumping station below the Hawaii Nature Center at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Drive at 6:59 am. The plan is to do the usual 10 mile Manoa loop followed by 2 Tantalus Rd. to top of Concrete Rd. repeats. It should be a hoot ! I hope to be there, but because of some family issues, may have to miss all the fun.  Don

Oh....What a Night!

15 finishersWOW is all that I can say.  Nineteen HURT runners started on a journey that would take them in a large 50-mile loop on a beautiful night under a star-filled sky.  The photo shows the 15 tough and fun-loving runners who went the distance.  Congratulations to Julie, Heather, Tom, Gary, Rob, Johnny, Ryan, Larry, Marian, Mike, Trish, Gio, Jan, Jeff, and Wily.  

After we all get some sleep, more photos will be posted and stories shared.  For now, there are 15 tired and happy HURT runners getting a well-deserved rest.  I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for making this 50-mile celebration so special! 

Saturday Training, 2-13-10 (UPDATED with new Monday run)

J0314150  Aloha Athletes,

There are lots of opportunities to get out and run or bike with someone you love this weekend.

For those thinking of heading to Maui and running up the mountain, there is a group meeting at the park with the water tank just below the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday for Tantalus repeats. Not sure if anyone will coordinate rides back down. Perhaps someone can comment below on this.

Of course you also have to opportunity to run all night with someone if you are joining in on the Sweetheart run.

Sunday Morning there is also a biathlon in town and cyclocross racing out at Kualoa Ranch. Finally, you can join 20,000+ of your closest friends in the Great Aloha Run on Monday.

Love someone and get out there and run.

Aloha, Bob

Another option for Monday if you are not doing the GAR is there will be a group starting from the Waimanalo end of the Maunawili trail at 6:30 a.m. The pace will be slow and the distance, short or whatever you want to do since it is and out and back run. Great for newbies. Contact Cheryl or add a comment below if you are interested.

Running Models Wanted

Read Carefully the Information Below. This could be a great opportunity if you fit the sizes and other specifications that they are looking for.

My name is Nori Hubbs and I work for Ehman Productions on Maui.  We are producing the upcoming Asics Shoe catalogue here on Maui and are looking for runners to use as models.  I was wondering if you could forward the below information to anyone who may be interested.  We will be doing a casting on Oahu later this month, and will pay for travel, accoms, meals and modeling fee for anyone selected from Oahu.  Please call me if you have any questions:  Nori (808) 283-6969


Asics is looking for models for their Asics 2011 Catalogues that will be produced on Maui by Ehman Productions early April 2010. We are looking for SERIOUS RUNNERS and athletes of any ethnicity who fit the following categories.  Modeling experience is preferred, but not necessary; however, FIT SIZES MUST BE PRECISE:

Continue reading "Running Models Wanted" »

More Photos from 2010 HURT 100 by Jimson Carr

My apologies to Jimson. When I saw him, he was up on Nuuanu trail on Saturday, before you get to the grassy knoll on the way up to the bench.

He sent me a link to his photos and I was just in recover and clean up mode right after race. In any case, I found his card to today and want to give you all a chance to view his photos.

Click here to see them. He has some great shots, including Mike Sweeney playing up in Pauoa Flats.