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Photo's from SweetHeart's Run--Better Late....

Kelli's Krew Does the Swamp Romp

P1010001 Some familiar faces wearing the bright pink Kelli's Krew shirts participated in the Swamp Romp. Over 400 teams participated (a race record) in the fun run through the mud and muck on the Marine base. They even got some air time on the 5:00 p.m. KHNL/KGMB news.

This is still one of my favorite races to "watch!" and I encourage everyone to give this race a go sometime. There were lots of other familiar faces out there and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Click here to see some more photos.

Great job ladies!!


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red rabbit

you girls are awesome, good run team in pink


These are great! Thank youl, Pink Ladies (Hmmm, If I recall, that was the name of a Japanese all-girl rock group in the 70s). But, you girls are way better rockers!

jan M

way to go Team Pink!!! nice job gals... looks like fun had by all, great way to show support @ the event in the Kelli's Krew team shirts. PJ gets the award for best mud-tie-dye effect!!! (photo P1010036)!! love it!


Thanks for being there to support us Bob! Cool pictures!

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