Saturday Training, 2-13-10 (UPDATED with new Monday run)
Saturday Training 2-20-10 "Tantalus"

Oh....What a Night!

15 finishersWOW is all that I can say.  Nineteen HURT runners started on a journey that would take them in a large 50-mile loop on a beautiful night under a star-filled sky.  The photo shows the 15 tough and fun-loving runners who went the distance.  Congratulations to Julie, Heather, Tom, Gary, Rob, Johnny, Ryan, Larry, Marian, Mike, Trish, Gio, Jan, Jeff, and Wily.  

After we all get some sleep, more photos will be posted and stories shared.  For now, there are 15 tired and happy HURT runners getting a well-deserved rest.  I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for making this 50-mile celebration so special! 


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red rabbit

The support team was awesome the food was great, the company could not have been better and to get a rose at the end topped it off. Mahalo to all the sweethearts it made my weekend.


That sure was a lot of fun!!! Mahalo nui loa to Marian and to Neil and to Cheryl, Vernon, Freddy, Fish, Kat, Brenda, Ryan, John, and PJ!!! This seemed to have actually helped in my Great Aloha Run!!! Go figure!!! This means I have to do this again next year!!! Aloha


This was my 3rd Sweetheart fun run and they just keep getting better! Thanks so much, to Marian especially and to all the others for support and running camaraderie.

jan M

Now I get it. It's all about the food. Thank you, Neal, and especially Marian, great support and the food made it all worth it. Thanks Johnny, Heather, Wily, Ryan and Rob for helping to keep the feet and legs moving in the darkest hours... Freddy's mobile aid station was awesome plus he doubled as a pacer from the driver's seat. Cool. Thanks all for a great night...


People would normally pay hundreds of dollars in entry fees for such an excellent run, and with the aid and support we received, it would have been worth it! Thank you everyone for such a wonderful night!


Larry must be hanging out with Fish too much, 'cause I was the one limping back down the highway to the house in back!!
Again much thanks to Marian and Neal for the awesome evening and all the surprises!!! We couldn't have had so much fun and completed the whole adventure without Cheryl, Kat, Freddy, Vernon, Brenda, and Ryan. Speaking of surprises it was great to see John and PJ at HI Loa BP... especially if you're by yourself and John starts calling your name and all you see is his silhouette in the dark!! Much thanks all for the great and memorable evening and morning!!!


Oops...I mean Kat! Sleep deprivation!


Well said, Larry! There is no way this could have happened without the fantastic support (at great sacrifice!) from Cheryl, Vernon, Freddy, Cat, Fish, Ryan, and Brenda. Thank you doesn't quite sound like enough! John and PJ, as always, your support is huge! Thank you!


Thank you, Neal and Marian, for putting this very special event together for us. I know both of you put in a lot of hours and work to make this happen and it certainly shows! Awesome! Superb! Fun! Delicious! And many thanks to the support team and cheerleaders, i.e. Cheryl, Vernon, Kat, Freddy, Fish, Ryan, Brenda, PJ and Big John (what a nice surprise to see you folks at 4 am!). This was truly a memorable night, including the severe punishment that Fish and Jeff Fong doled out all night long.

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