Running Models Wanted
Oh....What a Night!

Saturday Training, 2-13-10 (UPDATED with new Monday run)

J0314150  Aloha Athletes,

There are lots of opportunities to get out and run or bike with someone you love this weekend.

For those thinking of heading to Maui and running up the mountain, there is a group meeting at the park with the water tank just below the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday for Tantalus repeats. Not sure if anyone will coordinate rides back down. Perhaps someone can comment below on this.

Of course you also have to opportunity to run all night with someone if you are joining in on the Sweetheart run.

Sunday Morning there is also a biathlon in town and cyclocross racing out at Kualoa Ranch. Finally, you can join 20,000+ of your closest friends in the Great Aloha Run on Monday.

Love someone and get out there and run.

Aloha, Bob

Another option for Monday if you are not doing the GAR is there will be a group starting from the Waimanalo end of the Maunawili trail at 6:30 a.m. The pace will be slow and the distance, short or whatever you want to do since it is and out and back run. Great for newbies. Contact Cheryl or add a comment below if you are interested.


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Jake H

I might be tempted for a SUN/MON run...the princess has me tempted with a SAT night Ball...

Jake H

What's with Cheryl and the newbies...that's how I ended up doin' my first hundred...beware!


eww... yuck..
what's with all this mushy talk.


"closet friends", Bob? Hm. :)

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