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Saturday Training 2-20-10 "Tantalus"

Aloha Athletes !

With Marian's wonderful "Sweetheart 50" still on everyone's minds an taste buds, and Swamp Romp vying for attention this Saturday, before we forget, the Haleakala Run to the Sun "Fun Run" is fast-approaching on March 6, 2010. In light of that, a couple of weeks of Haleakala training might not be a bad idea. If you don't plan to go to Maui, some Haleakala training should be good for you anyway. Meet at the pumping station below the Hawaii Nature Center at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Drive at 6:59 am. The plan is to do the usual 10 mile Manoa loop followed by 2 Tantalus Rd. to top of Concrete Rd. repeats. It should be a hoot ! I hope to be there, but because of some family issues, may have to miss all the fun.  Don


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Narayana Santhanam

I am kicking myself I couldn't make it---late night yesterday due a work deadline. Hopefully I will be able to come along next week--sounds like a great route!

Robert P Smith

Great run off the Pali lookout! Thanks Jan for the post. It was great meeting all of you! Thanks for letting a new guy tag along. Hope I didn't slow you down too much. : )

Please feel free to send me an email or look me up on facebook:


Hope to meet more of you in the near future.

Robert P Smith

jan M

and there's a small crew hitting the Pali trail tomorrow morning @ 7am at the lookout ...sorry guys; Have to get off the roads for a bit after last weekend... Anyone welcome to join us... - jan M.


Hi Guys and Gals,

To clarify, we generally start at the afforementioned Pumping Station area at 7:00 am and do a basically flat 8-10 mile section, winding through Manoa. When we get back to the cars, we refuel and head up to Tantalus Rd., and continue up to the top of what we refer to as "Concretes", which is a steep paved section. We turn around at the top and go back to our cars. This will give you around 18-20 miles, total. If you need more, a repeat or two up the Tantalus section is not uncommon, but up to the individual, adding around 10 miles per repeat. Depending on the crowd, there are generally some rabbits and some turtles. Everybody fits in. I expect a small turnout tomorrow. See you there ! Don


Narayana, This is about a six mile up along the Tantalus Road. We have a diverse group of runners who do varying paces. Most people jog the down at an easy pace, or sometimes we try and coordinate rides back down. This is Run to the Sun type training so the emphasis is on the up along the road.

You, and anyone else, are welcome to come out and train with us, as we are not selective. Our early Trail Series races are generally shorter (10 miles) with the distance growing as the season progresses.
Aloha, Mikem

Narayana Santhanam

I moved into manoa from the mainland last year, and have been running by myself on and off. I haven't done ultramarathons, but I run halfs regularly, and marathons once in a way (right now, looking at big sur in apr).

I am curious---how long is the total run? I am supposed to do 14-15miles at a slow 9.45-10min/mile pace---not sure if I fit in.
And is anyone else running the Big Sur from your club?


Justin, parking at the Nature Center park is ok, but most people park down near the water tank park below the nature center for security reasons. Everyone welcome! great you are doing the Am. 50. come on out and get with the crowd! Aloha, Kamo


If anyone is interested in joining me, I'll be running Peacocks starting at long road around 2:30PM on Saturday. I'll probably be doing this ad nauseum for the next few months...


I've never run with you guys before but want to join on Saturday. I'm currently training for my first 50, the American River 50, and am kind of getting tired of training alone on the long runs. Do you just park at the Nature Center and go from there? Also, how long are the Tantalus Rd to Concrete Rd repeats? I was hoping to get 20 miles in on Saturday.


I am planning to join whomever shows up on Sat for training, I am driving from Mililani, does anyone need a ride? Let me know or I will see you there.

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