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Running Hope Through America Comes to Oahu on June 12

Aloha Athletes,

On June 12th (yes that is the same day as Mango Madness), Lisa Smith-Batchen will be coming to Oahu as part of her 50 miles in 50 States, Running Hope Through America adventure.

I am assisting with this event and will have more details soon. This event will take place at Ala Moana Beach Park. 

You can learn more about this event here: www.runhope.com/index.html

If you are interested in helping out, let me know. You can certainly come down after Mango Madness and support Lisa or run a few laps with her. If you choose, you could also run the full 50-miles with her. There are commemorative t-shirts for those who run the full 50 miles. Lisa plans to start at 5;30 a.m. and finish about 12 hours later. 

More info will be coming soon.



Sat. Training Alt. 4-3-10 Makapu'u Lighthouse Run

Just in case someone wants to hang on the windward side, I'm running from my house in Kailua to the Makapu'u lighthouse, and may keep going around.  Who knows?

If you want an adventure run with no drops or way back to your car besides running, let me know.  This will be a casual run to catch the sunrise then over to Sandy's where my wife might (might) drive by to pick me up because I'm late for a birthday party or something.  Or, I'll just keep running around the south loop.

Depart: 5:30AM 1393 Nanialii St, Kailua
Distance: Unknown but fun
Bring lights and reflective vest for the early hours
[email protected]

Saturday Training 4-3-10 "Peacock"

Aloha Athletes !

With just a week before the HURT Trail Series race "Top of Tantalus 7 Mile" we decided to sneak-in just one more Saturday at Peacock Flats. You know the drill...7:00 am start from the Dillingham Airfield parking lot...stash at the "intersection". Cheryl said last week was a blast, with lots of fun newbies. Mahalo to Sean for posting a map. A bad back kept me away. Hope to see you there !  Don

We have an option: Doug Baker will be leading a group on the Moanalua Valley Trail this Saturday. He said to meet at the park at the end of Ala Aolani St. in Moanalua Valley at 6:50 am, for a 7 am start. If you have questions, e-mail him at [email protected]

Saturday Training 3-27-10 "Peacock" Options

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday has several options. If you want to start early, call Cheryl @ 277-4960...otherwise the "regular" starting time will be 7:00 am, but I have no idea who will be there...no guarantees. There will also be a late start at 8:30 am. Hope to see a bunch of you out there. I'm assuming that there's still adequate stash at the usual spot at the "intersection", but plan to carry enough water to get you around...besides, it's good training.  Don

Moanalua Results, Photos, and Thanks!

SteveSlaby HURT Trail Series

Results: Race #1 Moanalua 6 miles, March 20th., 2010

Thanks to everyone who showed up to participate in the season opener of the HURT Trail Series, it was great to see so many runners wake up early. We hope that you had fun and enjoyed the trail.

Congrats to Steve Slaby (just back from injury) and Rachel Beckman for their Individual wins in the race.

Thanks to everyone who picked up some trash on the trail. We left it cleaner than when we came!

You can find pictures at www.facebook.com/hawaiisportmag

We had some help with the refreshments from Jonathan Lyau (A. C. Lyau Company), and the door prizes were generously donated by XTERRA, Kailua Running Co., Jamba Juice, Running Room Hawaii.

Those who won HPU gear – practice start 7:00 AM on Tuesday!

Thanks to Les Omura for making this race quite accurate - although you would have been turning around a little earlier had he not been there!

RachelBeckman Thanks to Matt, Lesley and Nate for making the selection of the door prizes interesting.

We have created the result list to the best of our ability, but due to mud on legs and rain it wasn’t an easy task. Please let us know if you find any mistakes – send us an email at [email protected] and we will correct it right away.

Prizes: For those who placed from 5-10 and who didn’t get their prize, it will be available at the next trail race April 20, the Top of Tantalus 7 mile race, start is at Puu Ualakaa Park.

Should you be interested in watching HPU Cross Country in action then the season opener is September 11, 2010 at Kaaawa Valley. We will have a 3.1 mile trail race there.


Christian Friis  Push-ups

Fundraiser--Moanalua 6 Mile Trail Series Race Saturday March 20

The first race in the HURT Trail Series for 2010 is a fundraiser for the HPU Cross Country team. HURT members have long been involved in local school running programs. This is a great way to have some fun and support other runners.

Since this is the first time we have held a trail series race at this location many of you may not be familiar with the neighborhood. There are only a few parking spots at the actual park. All other parking will have to take place on the streets in the neighborhood. Please car pool if you can and be very quiet.

The good news; there are bathrooms at the park. They may not be open when we first get there. Plan accordingly.

Plan on having some fun!

Back to Running.....in California

DeansRun 004
After a stressful 6 month sabbatical and binging a little I am now sober and back to running.  I have been in California since Dec. 26 wainting for my divorce to go through and started my running two weeks ago with a 7 mile trail run (1:45).  Then it struck me hard.....the fever broke and now it is time for some serious training and getting back into shape. I signed up for a trail half-marathon last Sunday (2:49) that had 2100' of gain. Then I heard that Dean Karnazes would be in Monterey at the local Fleet Feet store so what better way to get there than run.  It was 20 miles later a couple stops and some Jamba Juice that I arrived 6 hours later.  I have since signed up for the Chunoku Half Marathon on March 26 in Granite Bay then off to Santa Cruz for a half-marathon there the next day.  I also am doing the Muir Woods Marathon on April 10 and then the whole reason for training is to do the Ohlone Wilderness 50k from Fremont to Livermore on May 23.  And my ultimate goal is the North face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in December.  I really miss my little girls though but the runniing helps ease my mind and clear my thinking.  I am back to the trails once again and would personally like to thank those whom have talked me through my hard times and never gave up on me.  Especially Mike Meunch.  Aloha.

First Race: Moanalua 6 Mile in the HURT Trail Series Saturday March 20

The first race in the HURT Trail series is on the Moanalua Valley Trail.

Moanalua trail is one of the "easier" trails around, but will serve as a good warm up for the trail series. Distance will be approximately 6.2 miles to make it a 10k., it will be an out-and-back course.

Directions, you will find Moanalua Valley Trail at the end of Ala Aolani Street, take the Moanalua Valley Tripler Hospital Exit on the 78.

Please park along the street leading up to the park, and be courteous and quiet as it is early morning in a residential area.

Sign-up will be at the park, and the start will be inside the gate.

Sign-up will start at 6:00AM and end at 6:50AM. Start fee is $10. The race starts at 7:00 a.m. There is no pre-registration prior to Saturday morning.

Event is limited to 100 participants on a first come basis. For more info please contact: (Christain Friis 282-9547 [email protected])

The Big Island Traverse - A hui hou

Our eight year Hawaii sojourn is rapidly coming to a close, with a mainland departure slated for early June 2010. My wife Diane has finished the didactic portion of her PhD and will defend her dissertation on April 23rd. She will then complete a yearlong clinical internship and another year of postdoc work in Newington, CT. I will apply to nurse anesthesia school in 2011 for the 2012 school year. Our time in Hawaii has made this possible. Our lives have been touched deeply by our friends and family here in the islands and I am continually amazed by the warmth and generosity of the Hawaiian and local people. As I reflect on our time here I am amazed; in the last 8 years I have become: a husband; a father twice; an ICU RN; and an ultra-runner. I have made a great many acquaintances and built deep friendships. This has been a productive and extremely rich and rewarding time in our lives.

Having grown up in Washington State and spending eight years in Alaska, I gained a deep love of the mountains and the outdoors in general. I grew up riding BMX and alpine skiing and eventually began rock and ice climbing, mountaineering and telemark skiing. I have been a trail runner since birth, but can only claim a 20 year official history. When we came to Hawaii for Diane's graduate school, I immediately hit the trails. At a local shop I picked up a magazine that advertised the Tantalus Triple Trek, I was intrigued! Until that day trail running was part of how I trained for climbing and for fun. 

On the trails I would occasionally bump into a group of haggard, mud-laden, and very smelly "runners." One day I asked if they were with HURT and the infamous (for something so slippery he can't hold on to it) Don Fallis said "Yes." The rest is history. So, Don I hold you responsible for helping start me on this long strange trip. Thank You! I have met so many others along the way and I thank all of you for your patience, teaching, wisdom and friendship.

John and PJ, Cheryl, The Don, Neal and Marian, Mike and Patricia, Mike Muench, Bob and Barbie, Steve Dewald, Ed Bugarin, Greg Cuadra, Felisha , Joel and Steph, The Huffer, Bob Murphy, Tom Craven, Rex, Bozo, Ernest, Fish, Harald, Larry, Mauricio, Gordon, Huddy, Matt Stevens, Paul Sibley, Ben and BJ Cavasos, Clem, Kat, Nick, Jozef, Richard China, Judy Carluccio, Pete Martinez, Christian Friis, Julie Doheney, Dr. Bill, Eddy Fan, Hoppy, Dave Carlsson, Jim Masterson, Devon and many, many more. To all of you my deepest thanks for sharing the mud, miles, tears, laughs, ups, downs, warm sports drink, and pubic hair laden Vaseline jars. You are friends and you are HURT family. A hui hou.

My Hawaii capstone adventure will be The Big Island Traverse (BIT): an ~ 160 mile, unsupported fastpack on the island of Hawaii. The route will traverse the island from sea-level on the southeastern shore, beginning at Holei Sea Arch; ascend Mauna Loa (13,677 feet) and Mauna Kea (13,796 feet); and eventually descend to sea-level on the northwestern shore, ending at Spencer Beach Park. This will be gnarly and I am currently in one of my most rigorous training cycles to date and having a blast! For more information please visit my blog: http://www.mountainrnr.blogspot.com 

Diane and I just spent a sweet 3 days on Haleakala with a Sliding Sands descent to Kapalaoa Cabin. I used day #2 as a dry run to test my new gear. The weather could not have been better or worse. Nasty, cold and wet most of the day with high winds and occasional big views. I did a 28 mile tour with an light 18# pack. My route started at Kapalaoa Cabin and descended to Paliku Cabin with a small climbs and a descent to Holua Cabin. I ascended the cliffs and remaining Halemau`u trail and gained the park road and the last 6+ miles to the summit. Another drop down Sliding Sands and a spur trail brought me back to Kapalaoa, a fire and a hot meal. Diane and I rallied out of the crater via Sliding Sands in under 3 hours under full pack weight (25#). What a trip!


Fun Run to The Sun Race Report

DSC03546 Run To The Sun Run Report

(OK after reading and looking at this, I really miss this run! Thanks for the report and photos. Aloha, Bob)


On Saturday March 6th @ 0430 Hrs a hardy bunch of about 12 runners took off from the Ale House and started their ascent up Haleakala Volcano. A team of about 5 military guys that just returned from Iraq, took off like a bunch of hares and never to be seen again until they drove down. Just like at HURT100, our neighbors from the great white north dominated as if winning the gold in hockey is not enough. The top 3 individuals all came from Vancouver Island. It was a truly international gathering as we had Tom Dennisson come all the way from Sidney ,OZ to take care of and complete some unfinished business from last years RTTS and Searay from Barcelona, Spain.

Maui Carl Wirtl decided RTTS isn't tough enough so he decided to run back down. He started the day before and met us in the early am as he was coming down, lit up like a christmas tree( 22.5 Hrs). He said he had a great time running through out the night, Perfect weather...if you are a duck, no traffic or pesky rangers just rain and wind and lots of it. All in all we had much better weather than last year. The fog was quite thick the final 10 miles. Some of us put on our headlamps and reflective vests back on for visibility. Despite that we still had a few near misses with some sleepy visitor motorists returning from sunrise. The Haleakala National Park Secret police had no clue as to what was going on just surprised by the number of joggers. It turned out a couple of more teams started later as well as some individuals from the Big Island and others. After the run everyone stopped by Marne and Jim's place on Crater road for some great Food, beverages and war stories. Thanks for the hospitality and delicious food. We must have had about 25 people out there on the hill. More photos can be seen here.

A great day of running was had by all and an absolute stress free day for the organizer and no park service personnel to deal with.

It looks like we might have a RD for next years. We'll keep our fingers crossed and keep you in the loop.

Trail Light Alert

Just a note to let you know that Costco has a pair of "Techlight Tactical" lights for sale for about $20. There is a $5 off coupon in their latest mailing.   Fifteen bucks for 2 good lights!

The posted power is 160 lumens.  It seems a fair assessment of the light.  Not quite as good as my 50 dollar 160 but at these prices it is close enough.  By far the best deal I have come across in any case.  these are small handhelds along the size of the Fishy Favorites that many of use have.  They do a bit of beam adjustment through a swivel, but nothing so radical as Fish's lights.  They have a two step brightness button, which is of negligible effect.  

I bounced around the yard with them. Have compared them to my standards.  They come up short, but again, at these prices I would hope they did!  But I am happy with the purchase and plan to get a couple more. 

If you are looking for a better set of running lights I believe you can not go wrong giving these a try.

Aloha, Mikem