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March 31, 2010


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Very cool. Let's see... Start with Lisa at 5:30, hop up to Makiki an hour later, run Mango Madness. Back to Ala Moana for the remainder of the 50 miles. Tempting! :)

Bob Mc.

Wow, Mary Siegel has already signed up to run 50 miles with Lisa at Ala Moana Park. Who else is up for it? Are you? You can sign up to run with Lisa here: http://www.runhope.com/joinrun.html


Its a shame Lisa can not come up and run with us. I talked with Marv about it and he told me he'd be willing to let her run a bit of the course no charge, and we'd even give her a complementary, autographed Mango Madness Crying Towel... I like that America comes to Oahu...schtick. I wonder if she says the same thing in Alta Wy., or Alaska, or New Mexico?

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