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Top of Tantalus HURT Trail Series Race April 10th!

Saturday Training 3-27-10 "Peacock" Options

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday has several options. If you want to start early, call Cheryl @ 277-4960...otherwise the "regular" starting time will be 7:00 am, but I have no idea who will be guarantees. There will also be a late start at 8:30 am. Hope to see a bunch of you out there. I'm assuming that there's still adequate stash at the usual spot at the "intersection", but plan to carry enough water to get you around...besides, it's good training.  Don


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Karl Kisch

Thanks for the directions. I would like to start at 0600 hrs, hope to find you guys.



I will be starting from Long Road at 6am..


If you're going to start with the 7AM (or 8:30) group, then you would be parking in the Control tower parking lot. The gates to the airfield open at 7.

If you're starting with the earlier group, then you would be parking here on the side road before the airport.
I don't know what time the earlier group is starting or for that matter, who might be showing up in that group. People been known to show up as early as 2AM, but I think it's a little early in the season for that right now. Perhaps some people will post up their anticipated starting times.
If you haven't run Peacock before, plan on heat and hills. Bring plenty of water.

Karl Kisch

I need help with location of the training run this Saturday. I am new to the HURT trail series, would like to participate, however, need assistance with locations. Can someone post it with general directions. I have GPS in my car, so as long as I know where the address/location I will find it.

Happy trail running.

Benita Shults

Yeah, I do not have to get up early even if I run with Cheryl. :P

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