Top of Tantalus HURT Trail Series Race April 10th!
Sat. Training Alt. 4-3-10 Makapu'u Lighthouse Run

Saturday Training 4-3-10 "Peacock"

Aloha Athletes !

With just a week before the HURT Trail Series race "Top of Tantalus 7 Mile" we decided to sneak-in just one more Saturday at Peacock Flats. You know the drill...7:00 am start from the Dillingham Airfield parking lot...stash at the "intersection". Cheryl said last week was a blast, with lots of fun newbies. Mahalo to Sean for posting a map. A bad back kept me away. Hope to see you there !  Don

We have an option: Doug Baker will be leading a group on the Moanalua Valley Trail this Saturday. He said to meet at the park at the end of Ala Aolani St. in Moanalua Valley at 6:50 am, for a 7 am start. If you have questions, e-mail him at


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not sure how it went at Peacocks this weekend, Tantalus was like running in soup with a garden hose over your head, didn't see any other die hard HURT runners on the Trek loop (!?) although I tried to recruit a few clean runners from the Ford Island morning sprint... All I spotted were a few waterlogged hikers & lots of trees downed - on Mangos, Manoa Cliffs trail, and Moleka from the road side and near the 4 way.... Sunday was a wash, is anyone else tired of this already !?!

Nick Kaiser

I'd like to bum a ride up to Peacock if anyone is driving from E. Honolulu and has room. I live in Kaimuki.
Call me on 808-520-3680 or e-mail
Thanks - Nick

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