Top of Tantalus
Two Runners, One Island, Two Great Causes and 135 Miles Around the Isle

2010 Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes,

Great turnout at yesterday's Top of Tantalus run. Thanks to Race Director's Kat Tagaca and Rob Lahoe for putting together a great race. Thank you to all the runners who came out.

We also want to thank John and PJ and the volunteers at the two road crossings for providing aid stations.

Full results can be seen here. (Updated & Revised for the last time!!!!)

Mike has posted a link to his photos and the photos Rob took can be seen here

The next race in the trail series is on May 8th, Run with a View. Make sure you have that on your calendar!


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Tom Ward

Many Thanks! Lucked out on my trip from home in Utah to join your wonderful group for a very fun and memorable run. I envy you who get to run regularly in paradise! Mahalo to all the event staff!!!


Had a GREAT time as always!!! Looking forward to Run with a View 8 miler!!! Mahalo to Rob, Kat, John, PJ, Fish, Enest, Jeff F, Jan, Julie N and to everyone else who helped put on this very fun event!!! My friend Dave visiting from Reno had a lot of fun!!!

Benita Shults

Lots of fun...could have used more rain to make the mudd not so sticky. LOL. thanks Kat and Rob and everyone else who helped out.


ah ha, I see Mike AND Rob sent in px- Rob, your photos of the finish hill were marvelous!


What a great start to the Trail Series- unbelievable event! Nice job Kat and Rob- it will be a hard act to follow.
Wonderful pictures Mike!


Toney Avakova

Thanks to organizers and volunteers !! this was incredibly hard and I gave up many times on the course. Huge thanks to Bob McCallister for listening and encouraging to finish!! I'd still be hiding in the bushes if it wasn't for him! mahalo mahalo ... great times
"A wanna be trail runner"
Toney Avakova


Great job, Kat & Rob! Just keep it a little drier next time, ok? Thanks also to the aid station volunteers - I didn't expect any refreshments along the course! Fabulous!

Oh, and sorry about the mochi, Kat - you should have told me they were meant to be for everyone!

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