Two Runners, One Island, Two Great Causes and 135 Miles Around the Isle
Favorite Moments from this weekend's Island Perimeter Run by Jan M.


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Paul Sibley

Thanks to everyone for keeping us safe, fed and moving. Sorry about your car Don - try some bleach. Mike and I shared some great stories out there, and I drafted as long as I could stay awake after weeks of little sleep. I'm happy to say after clipping Mike's reflective vest over 200 times, I was at Aloha Tower to unclip it for him the last time. Mahalo!

Robert Smith

Thanks to all for being such an excellent inspiration to so many!

Jake H

Mike and Paul,

Great Show! Both made everyone in HURT proud!

Mike, enjoy the sleep and read this in the morning!

Awesome and inspiring, both!



Mike Muench is happily halucinating a warm shower, a clean set of closes and a large glass of beer. Unfortunately, he fell asleep while writing this.

Bob Mc.

The latest update I received from Cheryl--about 10 minutes ago was that Mike was by the NEX which is close to Pearl Harbor and the airport. I am thinking that makes it about 7 miles or so to go until he finishes.

Earlier I heard he had bagpipes playing for him as he went through Kapolei.

Paul Hopi

Great effort Paul :) , and go get it Mikey! - nice work the both of you!!


I saw them at 8 this morning right outside of Ko'Olina. Mike's looking great, and I'm guessing should finish around 1

Bob Mc.

I got a text update from Cheryl that they were in Nanakuli. I asked her to confirm that Mike was still moving and she just responded saying that he is "moving very well" and that he ate a good breakfast.

Go Mike!!!


I will meet them waianae side sometime around 6ish.

Bob Mc.

Just got off the phone with Cheryl. Cheryl, Don and Heather, and Julie T. are at Cholos. Paul is in the car sleeping. Apparently his feet are pretty trashed. Heather and Don are taking Paul home after they finish their dinner.

Mike is continuing to move forward. Benita and Mike are heading to Kaena Point. From right now (8:22pm), Cheryl estimates it will be 2 hours before they get to Kaena Point. At Kaena Point Jan, Heather (not Don's Heather), Benita and Mike will run Kaena Point.

Cheryl and Julie are going to go around to Yokohama Bay to the other side and meet them as they come out of Kaena Point.

steve villiger

Just saw Mike and Don rounding Waimea Bay around 6:15 pm. They looked like they were having a good time!


Anyone know where they are now? I looked for them for a couple of hours up on the north shore this afternoon. I gave up, went for a run at Kaena, then went home to drink beer! Also, couldn't find the HURT Chicks either!

Benita Shults

Great Job. Hope to catch to gang in the North Shore with aid before Kaena Point...

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